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这次在线座谈重点介绍ST公司的ADSL+ VoIP解决方案的性能和芯片组等丰富多彩的内容.采用ADSL+ VoIP解决方案不仅会使您宽带接入到互联网,体验宽带网络所带来的乐趣,而且还能利用互联网进行通话,大大节省通话成本.


[问:paul-guo] 请问意法及欧洲国家,VOIP的应用情况,以及H323和SIP协议的设备都能使用吗?意法半导体的ADSL+VoIP解决方案 在中国市场的性,价,比如何;有优势吗? 
[答:Helen] VoIP has been deployed in many markets. Yes, we support both protocols. We also have customers supplying products to China market so we"re very confident about our advatages.  [2004-12-9 10:26:41]
[问:gladstone] 1、该方案板级系统成本会在多少?2、ADSL软硬件兼容设计到那个版本?是否已到ADSL2+?和国内其它主流厂商的前端的兼容性如何?3、可以提供DEMO吗?4、按国内目前的主流运用状态,VoIP功能目前只能作为超前的附加功能,牵涉到运营商如何2合1推出其营运服务,和何时才能形成具体运用气候的问题!ST采取何种策略启动市场? 
[答:Helen] 1. Please contact our local marketing contact window for system cost: 2. Will support ADSL2+ in the next generation. MGCP compatibility is listed in the presentation. 3. Yes. 4. Regulation of course has a large impact on the market scale. We"re supporting customers to supply to multiple markets and China is one of them.  [2004-12-9 10:29:39]
[问:KELLY WANG2] 我的第二个问题是-你们考虑到ADSL+VoIP。有没有考虑到GSM+VOIP,3G+VOIP,CDMA+VOIP?if yes ,能否简单地就这方面说说你们的解决方案! 
[答:Frank] yes, we have plan to connect VoIP+3G. VoIP+GSM is currently not in our plan. VoIP+3G will be using SIP.  [2004-12-9 10:29:47]
[问:scottxing] 是否有 VOIP一体化芯片(即:在一个芯片上集成了CPU+DSP+SRAM),外围电路只有FLASH和SDRAM ,这种组合的简洁方案? 
[答:Helen] Yes, our Stradivarius chipset is such a solution. But it supports ethernet as the front end instead of ADSL.  [2004-12-9 10:33:39]
[问:sword0928] 请问你们的VOIP是选用那家的SOLUTION ,我门现在是致力与ADSL 但是有做VOIP 的打算,请指教. 
[答:Helen] ST is the chip vendor.  [2004-12-9 10:44:25]
[问:jason_yy] 请问语音解码是完全采用软件吗? 
[答:Helen] Yes.  [2004-12-9 10:45:17]
[问:SkyFeng WanChang] 通话时是否需要改变固定电话号码?如果不是,计费时如何进行的?  
[答:MB] You need to register to a VoIP service provider. It depends on the service provider when it starts charging. Most of the service providers will start charging when your call is connected i.e. in technical terms when you receive "CONNECT" message in H.323, Invite-ACK message in case of SIP and "Media open command -CRCX or MDCX" in case of MGCP.  [2004-12-9 10:45:37]
[问:ZZZZLLLL] 我在一家嵌入式终端开发生产的厂家: 意法半导体之ADSL + VoIP解决方案是否成熟?提供软硬件支持如何?声音质量能否达到运营及标准?技术资料能否发到我的邮箱  
[答:Frank] yes, I can send you some technical data. I will in contact with you .  [2004-12-9 10:46:14]
[问:wenst] 能不能详细说明一下针对软交换部分的VoIP Gateway部分? 
[答:Helen] Can you be more specific? I couldn"t understand your question.  [2004-12-9 10:46:34]
[问:simon_wang] Voip的发展前景如何?ADSL+VOIP解决方案和其它VOIP解决方案的比较和各自的优缺点? 
[答:Eugene] The outlook for VoIP is optimistic.  There are increasing interest in this area.  The main difference between ADSL+VoIP solution compared to a pure VoIP solution is that it allows voice to be transported over ADSL all within one equipment.  [2004-12-9 10:47:05]
[问:mahaisen] 支持协议,能否拿到全部代码 
[答:Frank] no. only library API. but you will have the application source code  [2004-12-9 10:47:07]
[问:jeff_lu] vocoder都是在ARM上做的吗?那codec是什么 
[答:Frank] vocoder are all ARM assembly code. Currently we have G.711 and G.729ab  [2004-12-9 10:48:09]
[问:maeleton1] 在现有的ADSL Modem上如何实现?要增加那些器件?能否利用现有的ADSL Modem? 
[答:Helen] Yes, this solution is realized on top of the current ADSL modem. Please refer to the presentation file for the explanations on the extra components.  [2004-12-9 10:50:48]
[问:oopp] 你好,我现在从事ADSL工作,提几点问题? 第一问:这个方案是不是针对开通 ADSL宽带用户就能使用VOIP电话业务,享受这方面这种低廉电话费? 第二问:现在电信部门有没有开通这方面得业务? 第三问:在现在的ADSL上怎样集成VOIP,是怎样的一个技术集成?  
[答:Eugene] Qn1: yes Qn2: They are setting various servers such as MGCP and SIP server which provide the necessary service to allow VoIP connection. Qn3:  We are using Router to allow VoIP packets+ADSL data  [2004-12-9 10:51:25]
[问:betterpao] 产品的语音编解码提供与常用的编解有何特色? 
[答:Helen] Compressed codec G.711, 723, 729 all have it"s standard to follow. So our solution also follows the standard. Our advantage is that the vocoder are done in ARM using the software instead of a dedicated DSP.  [2004-12-9 10:52:59]
[问:tjunicom] 如何解决G.711语音编码在adsl网络的带宽问题及adsl的严重时延、抖动? 
[答:MB] If there is bandwidth limitation and there is serious time delay in the network, then we address this issue in the following manner: We give higher priority to voice data. Also we set the TOS bits for the routers in the external network to give higher priority as well. Our jitter buffer algorithm is an adaptive jitter buffer algorithm and based on the variable delay in the network(packet inter arrival time), we adjust our jitter buffer size such that this jitter is not perceived by the user. The dropped packet due to increased delay are dropped and replaced by an effective PLC(packet loss concealment) algorithm.  [2004-12-9 10:53:58]
[问:borntobe] 网络语音通话与传统电话通话相比,个人感觉有个很明显的弱点就是,因为受到网络状态的影响老是断断续续不连贯,这种ADSL+VoIP的方案能解决这个问题嘛,就是能够保证通话质量不受网络状态的影响而可以流畅的通话嘛? 
[答:Frank] ADSL is a data service, if the Internet Service Provider router is too busy and it decide to drop alot of packet, then you will likely to experience choppy voice. But in our ST solution, we do build a packet loss concealment to solve the voice choppy problem.  [2004-12-9 10:54:02]
[问:lwh5018] 该方案用到哪几个主要的芯片,是否DSP、ADSL、ARM9集成在单芯片中? 
[答:Helen] Yes. The integrated ADSL engine (using ARM9) can process for VoIP. So no DSP is needed. The main proposed ADSL solution including ST50152 & ST50160.  [2004-12-9 10:54:47]
[问:zbzsd] 目前的VOIP协议中您认为主流的是哪个?ST的方案中为什么没有H323的支持? 
[答:MB] It depends on the different markets. For China market, in my opinion, SIP and MGCP are more prominent. H.323 is fading away from the market mainly because of its complexity. Even Microsoft XP do not provide support for NetMeeting(H.323 client). H.323 is still existing because of the popularity of Netmeeting. We do not support H.323 as of now, purely because we did not receive any urgent customer requests. Despite this H.323 solution is under development and would be released soon.   [2004-12-9 10:56:49]
[问:maeleton1] 采用VoIP+ADSL是否能把主叫电话拨到对方电话机或电脑上? 
[答:Frank] no, currently our ADSL+VoIP solution is connectly to a normal telephone using FXS solution. therefore if you  are using a VoIP client solution, this voip client solution will have no link to our VoiP application running on the ADSL modem.  [2004-12-9 10:57:48]
[问:wenst] 这部分芯片具备PCI总线么?能否支持在其上进行二次的开发? 
[答:MB] Why do you need a PCI bus? As this is an external ADSL modem.  [2004-12-9 10:58:37]
[问:phenix258] ADSL+VOIP方案与现有的普通IP电话的主要区别和优势?市场发展的潜力如何? 
[答:Eugene] ADSL+VOIP enables voice packets to be transmitted over DSL encapsulations.  For typical VoIP, you will need a seperate ADSL modem to be used together to achieve the same result. With the increasing switch from 56K to DSL subscription, we are sure the DSL subscriber base is going to increase.  The additional benefit of voice feature in DSL as an added quality DSL service is promising.   [2004-12-9 10:58:58]
[问:encaon] 能否提供VoIP+ADSL解决方案的参考设计资料? 
[答:Helen] Yes. Please contact with our local contact marketing:  [2004-12-9 10:59:02]
[问:kllyj2008] VoIP的回声有时很强,如何消除它,使声音清楚? 
[答:Frank] our current Echo Canceller is compliance to G.168. In our current demo board, we do not expericence any echo in our demo board.  [2004-12-9 10:59:52]
[问:encaon] VoIP是仅包括语音还是包含了语音,数据和视像在一起?ST有这方面的产品吗? 
[答:Helen] The current solution provided now includes voice and data. We have plan for ADSL+VoIP+STB.   [2004-12-9 10:59:52]
[问:hzljc] 为何用ucLinux,而不是Armlinux?  
[答:Eugene] They are just various flavours of linux.  We have a large interest of this VoIP+ADSL using uClinux platform currently.  If there is a demand for Armlinux, we can also look into it.  [2004-12-9 11:01:37]
[问:Jim_lee] 1 是提供普通电话机接口(RJ11 24V供电)还是把电话机作成一体了? 2 向用户免费提供相关软件吗?  
[答:Helen] 1. This is gateway product so it provides RJ11 port. This is not a solution for IP Phone. 2. We provide this product to ISP or operators through the CPE vendors. So how the ISP or the telecom operators is going to charge is not an issue here. For end customer, they simply connect their traditional phone to this gateway then they can talk in VoIP. No software is needed.  [2004-12-9 11:02:52]
[问:lt120000] 能不能将VoIP的解决方案集成到DSLAM中 
[答:Frank] DSLAM is only meant for data transport. It will tough to integrate VoIP to DSLAM. If it is done to DSLAM, the service provider will need to run a telephone line to your home/office. This will be too expensive.  [2004-12-9 11:02:53]
[问:SkyFeng WanChang] How about the voice quality and does ST has plan to talk with service provider to accept VoIP to push this market? I have experiments of VoIP,but we failed to push service provider.  
[答:MB] We are using Voice Quality Testers(VQT) to test our voice quality. We have adaptive jitter buffer algorithm, effective packet loss concealment to tacket variable delay in voice packets. In my opinion, VoIP market is huge esp in China and we really dont need to push the service provider for it. But if the service provider is not ready then end users can download a free VoIP Servers and make VoIP calls. What you need is just an internet connection. In fact you can also make direct point to point calls using H.323 and SIP. In case MGCP it may not be possible.  [2004-12-9 11:03:59]
[问:encaon] VoIP的语音失真指标有多大?能否给出语音测试的结果? 
[答:Frank] yes, just give me your email, I will send that to you. We have a much better VQT score that the one on the presentation.  [2004-12-9 11:04:24]
[问:josszhang] 是否支持传真的T。38协议或使用G711u律来支持传真? 
[答:MB] T.38 protocol of fax is supported in our VoIP solution. If during the call T.38 protocol is not supported by the remote side then we automatically switch to G.711.  [2004-12-9 11:05:12]
[问:lwh5018] LINUX操作系统是否免费提供? 
[答:Eugene] Yes, Linux is an open source.  We do build our system on it, but certain complex modules are provided as binaries such as the ADSL modem driver running off uClinux.  [2004-12-9 11:06:00]
[问:莫若谷] ADSL芯片自带的线路测试功能有否国际标准,如G.Selt? G.Selt的进展如何? 
[答:MB] Currently we do not have any build-in circuit testing function in our ADSL chip.  [2004-12-9 11:07:50]
[问:shaozhongjun] 我想问一下你们单路ata的方案,是soc方案吧?dsp内嵌?支持哪些编码方式?codec,slic是什么?几个网口?软件支持到什么程度?操作系统是什么?协议?成本多少? 
[答:Helen] We have a solution Stradivarius is the SOC include ARM7 & DSP on chip. Codec is STw5093. SLIC is STLC3055. 1x MII interface. For multiple ethernet port, can support an external ethernet switch. OS on VxWorks or uCLinux. H.323/MGCP/SIP all are supported. Quotation based on quantity.   [2004-12-9 11:08:02]
[问:zyn37] ADSL+VoIP解决方案与ADSL和VoIP单独解决方案主要优点在那里? 
[答:MB] The main advantage is that ADSL modem buyers can avail of the VoIP service as well. They do not need to purchase a separate VoIP service. Its an additional benefit and cost effective to the end users. Also, this would be a great advantage if the Internet Service and VoIP service in a region are provided by the same company.  [2004-12-9 11:11:40]
[问:wanglm] 多核芯片的结构是不是在系统结构上将通道的内容加入了CPU芯片中,在CPU心中各核之间采用中断机制,或称为异步主从控制性协调机制来进行整合的。 
[答:Eugene] The ARM9 processor works together with the Xilinx EPLD to provide VoIP.  The Xilinux EPLD is used to provide a suitable interface for the ARM processor to retrieve and process the voice samples.  [2004-12-9 11:12:32]
[问:ouliang] 请报告中给出chipsets的list price 
[答:Helen] Do you mean the list price for the ADSL solution? ST50152?  [2004-12-9 11:12:43]
[问:mmcd] 我预计是一个整合ADSL Modem、ROUTE(NAT)和VOIP的一个一体化设备,请问现有情况下是否开辟了语音的VPN,采用什么协议,是否支持DDNS的点对点模式。贵公司产品和VIGOR的整合产品优势有那些,价格如何(我是做运营的)。 
[答:Frank] currently we have no DDNS and VPN. But we can improve our code to add additional features.  [2004-12-9 11:13:20]
[问:dxm] 我想知道ADSL对用户可支持的最大速率是多少?能否提供PCM的一次群码流接入(2Mbps)。 
[答:MB] The typical access rate provided by ADSL would be in the range of 8000Kbps downstream 1000Kbps upstream. But it depends purely on the service provider. Yes it can provide code sream access of PCM 2Mbps.  [2004-12-9 11:15:48]
[问:9961311] 你们的ADSL+VoIP解决方案有什么优势 
[答:Helen] Please refer to today"s presentation. The main advantage is that ST"s solution does not require an external dedicated DSP thus provide cost competitiveness.  [2004-12-9 11:16:27]
[问:tjunicom] 当进行voip国际长话业务的时候,采用h.323和G.711编码,如何解决ADSL上下行带宽不一致,从而造成去话音质很好,回话音质很差的问题? 
[答:Frank] ADSL really depend on the data service provider. If the internet service provider limit the modem upstream which lower than the bandwidth required by the G.711, then you will have poor voice quality.  [2004-12-9 11:18:09]
[问:bruceoy] 如何解决VoiP的服务质量呢? 
[答:Eugene] We have Quality of Serivce (Qos) support in our VoIP solution.  [2004-12-9 11:18:26]
[问:thuang] 可否论述与Lan+VoIP有何不同? 尤其是在端口变压器的不同? 
[答:Frank] Lan+VoIP does not uses any modem. It just uses the ethernet for data transport. whereas in the ADSL+VoIP, we uses ADSL modem with router to split the data from VoIP and PC. So user can still use the web brower while he/she is online on the VoIP.  [2004-12-9 11:20:28]
[问:DirectCG] 所介绍的ADSL速度有多高?是那个版本?是否具有ADSL2/2+的性能? 
[答:Helen] The solution we present today (ST50152/50160) are for ADSL. We"ll support ADSL2+ in the next generation product.  [2004-12-9 11:20:29]
[问:kllyj2008] VoIP+ADSL方案采用那些操作系统?uClinux操作系统是否和VxWorks操作系统兼容? 
[答:Helen] This solution uses uCLinux.  [2004-12-9 11:20:45]
[问:tjunicom] 如何解决ADSL网络繁忙的时候造成语音质量下降? 
[答:MB] To solve this problem, 1) We give higher priority to our voice data when comparated to normal data. 2) We have adaptive jitter buffer algorithm to adapt to variable packet delay. 3) We have effective Packet Loss concealment algorithm due to accessive packet drop. 4) We set the TOS bits in RTP for the external routers to give higher priority our voice data.  [2004-12-9 11:21:03]
[问:subplot] ST在软件方面对软件提供那些支持?如果我们开发自己的linux方案,贵公司在那些方面提供支持? 
[答:Frank] In our solution, we will provide the linux source code and VoIP application source code. But the modem controller, VoIP signalling stack and DSP code will be given as binary only.  [2004-12-9 11:22:25]
[问:zhangluoping] 1、生产成本BOM多少?2、有没有route功能或者说NAT功能使电脑同时上网?3、芯片的供货周期? 
[答:Helen] 1. Please contact local marketing for cost. Quotation is based on quantity. 2. Yes. 3. Based on quantity. Standard leadtime is 8 weeks.  [2004-12-9 11:22:39]
[问:andy_0056] 各位专家,我想问一下:ADSL和VOIP 集于一体的话,采用相同的协议能够保证所有使用者互通?  
[答:Helen] Yes. Should be the case.  [2004-12-9 11:24:14]
[问:justforjob] 该方案在移动市场是否可以解决? 
[答:Frank] our solution is for company that want to make ADSL modem with VoIP features. The ADSL modem will be connected to the PSTN. And this ADSL modem have an additional RJ11 connector to connect to a normal phone.  [2004-12-9 11:24:48]
[问:sysol2] 我想了解这个方案是市场前景和销售途径,可否提供相关的市场资料,如果我想以设计公司的方式进入这个市场,是否有足够的发展空间 
[答:Helen] Please contact local marketing  [2004-12-9 11:24:49]
[问:maeleton1] VoIP+ADSL解决方案是否是单片式?它和STLC1502有何区别? 
[答:Eugene] The main difference between the two solutions is that STLC1502 is a VOIP solution over Ethernet only.  For the VoIP+ADSL solution, it is intended to be a solution for VoIP over ADSL.  Strictly speaking, we can also use it for VoIP over Ethernet solution as well.  However, please bear in mind that VoIP+ADSL only current support 1 channel voice whereas STLC1502 support maximum four channels residential gateway solution.  [2004-12-9 11:25:11]
[问:betterpao] 软件只能支持uliunx?还是也支持其它的软件设计? 
[答:Helen] Currently we only support uCLinux  [2004-12-9 11:25:12]
[问:王勤] 是否有ADSL+VVoIP(VOICE AND VEDIO OVER IP)的解决方案? 该解决方案能否运用到其它网络媒体终端设备的INTERNET接入? 贵公司提供的ADSL+VOIP方案是否兼备网关功能?  
[答:Helen] This is a gateway product for ADSL+softVoIP. We also have solution for STB+VoIP.  [2004-12-9 11:25:59]
[问:jeff_lu] PCM 为什么会出现在EPLD上? 
[答:MB] We use EPLD to link the sampling codec to the microcontroller.  [2004-12-9 11:26:38]
[问:encaon] 它的软件源代码是否可提供?价格如何? 
[答:Helen] We provide the source code for application code. But for protocol stacks & DSP we provide object code.  [2004-12-9 11:28:54]
[问:pine_123] 请问DSP怎样和应用程序接口?  
[答:Frank] There is no DSP processor in our solution. All the DSP vocoder code, DTMF, tone generator is running in ARM processor. Since we are running linux OS, our VoIP client software is executing as a user space application in  the linux OS. There is no DSP interface. But we have the API call to those DSP software modules.  [2004-12-9 11:29:21]
[问:scottxing] 请问你推荐的这几款VOIP IC 是否能和IP PHONE (IP 电话机)结合,是不是IP PHONE 也可以用您公司的 VOIP IC? 
[答:Helen] For IP Phone, we"d recommend Stradivarius V349-1502D.  [2004-12-9 11:29:29]
[问:lixb] ST的方案中需要网络的带宽是多少? 
[答:Eugene] The VoIP bandwidth usage is very much dependant on the vocoder that is used (G.711 or G.729ab, etc).  It is also dependent on feature activation such as voice activity detection which also save on the bandwidth usage by VoIP. The worst case bandwidth comsumed by G.711 is approximately 100kbps (with various protocol headers).  [2004-12-9 11:30:10]
[问:scienceMode] VoIP的关键的技术问题有哪几个方面? 
[答:MB] Key technical issues: 1) Interoperability Issues with our VoIP vendors is the most important and key issue. 2) Also how to tackle the situations when there is lmited bandwidth is another issue. Adaptive jitter buffer algorithm to adapt to variable packet delay, effective Packet Loss concealment algorithm can address this issue.  [2004-12-9 11:30:20]
[问:DirectCG] 能否详细介绍家庭采用的VoIP+ADSL方案,包括软硬件以及具体的功能? 
[答:Helen] The solution presented today can be for home market. Please refer to today"s presentation for details.  [2004-12-9 11:31:37]
[问:zhu001] voip+adsl解决方案可以提供视频图像吗? 
[答:Helen] Do you mean Video phone or STB? Please be more specific.  [2004-12-9 11:32:51]
[问:hzshida] 如果写字楼已经有宽带接入经过路由到办公室那么该产品是如何穿透私网?是否需要代理软件?该产品在使用时所需要的最低带宽是多少?是否支持H.323协议? 
[答:Frank] In the office solution, it should use the LAN+VoIP solution. In this VoIP+ADSL solution, the VoIP client is interfacing to the RJ11 on the ADSL modem. Therefore there is only 1 channel VoIP. Our current solution will support H323 in the near future. Currently we only support SIP and MGCP.  [2004-12-9 11:33:48]
[问:wenst] 有没有考虑在目前ADSL+VOIP的解决方案上去进行VOIP与PSTN的语音网关的解决方案? 
[答:Helen] CPE vendor can choose to overlay a POTS phone circuit over the ADSL modem. That"s possible.  [2004-12-9 11:34:18]
[问:Robbin.Zhang] 请问:正是由于这种解决方案导致CPU资源的紧张,所以才没有支持ADSL2+吗?那么在下一代可以支持ADSL2+的产品中将如何解决这个问题? 
[答:Helen] It is because of the current ADSL DMT engine only supports ADSL. The next generation DMT will support ADSL2+.  [2004-12-9 11:35:06]
[问:eNOVA] Which protocol is more popular ,SIP,MGCP or H.323? ADSL+VOIP is a value-added service for ADSL CPE ;but when do you think it will be popular in china, any customer had used your solution?  
[答:MB] Its difficult to say which one is more popular. In different regions, different protocols are being used. H.323 is fading away because of its complexity and also after microsoft stopped supporting Netmeeting (H.323 client) and started using SIP in MSN messenger. In China, SIP and MGCP are popular and that is case with other regions as well. One of the big Telecom Equipment Manufacturer H*** in China is evaluating our solution.  [2004-12-9 11:35:35]
[问:szjie] 同类产品比较技术优势市场优势? 
[答:Helen] Our solution doesn"t require an external DSP thus provide cost competitiveness.  [2004-12-9 11:35:46]
[问:mjq_nju] 您能谈一下VOip在中国或者在世界的发展情况及发展背景吗? 
[答:Helen] Regulation of course has great impact on the market scale. The market outlook would depend on the government and operators strategy.  [2004-12-9 11:36:32]
[问:guohuiqi] 请问您刚才所谈的ST的机遇ADSL+VOIP的解决方案,在国内是否有商业应用, 对于小型的开发企业,贵公司是否也能够提供完善的支持和较好的价格?  
[答:Helen] Yes we already have existing customers in China.  [2004-12-9 11:37:27]
[问:shengkae] How many LBR channels and PCM you can support with this solution. 
[答:MB] Presently single channel is supported on VoIP over ADSL. Support for multiple channels is in the plan. In our VoIP over Ethernet solution we support 4 channels.  [2004-12-9 11:38:04]
[问:betterpao] 该产品可以进行扩展么?只能支持一条电话线的接口? 
[答:Helen] Currently due to CPU housepower limitation, on 50152 or 50160 we support only 1 channel. More channels will be supported based on the next generation ADSL solution.  [2004-12-9 11:38:27]
[问:9961311] 目前该方案在国内有没有成功的案例? 
[答:Helen] Yes, we already have customers in China.  [2004-12-9 11:38:51]
[问:luowd] Is it possible for your solution to support two voice lines? 
[答:MB] In our VoIP over ethernet solution we support 4 voice lines. In our VoIP over ADSL(softvoip), we support only one channel. The support for two lines is in progress.  [2004-12-9 11:40:08]
[问:fukukahou] 需要特殊服务器吗?系统框架是怎样的? 
[答:Eugene] Our ADSL+voip solution is used on the CPE (consumer) side.  It serves all the full functionality you would expect from a ADSL modem. On top of that, it also provide voip capabilities via an additional RJ11 jack where a phone could be plug onto for voip usage.  In short it is a complete ADSL+voip solution for the consumer in one box.  No additional equipment (except the phone) is required by the consumer.  [2004-12-9 11:40:29]
[问:hzshida] 目前的VOIP设备基本都能够实现PPPOE的拨号功能,问题是在已有网络的情况下接在路由或者交换机后面如何实现穿透局域网的? 
[答:Frank] Our solution is meant to make the ADSL modem with VoIP feature. The ADSL modem will have to connect to the PSTN telephone line. While the ADSL modem will have additional RJ11 connector where you can connect a normal telephone device to make a VoIP call. There is not connection to the external router or switch. The ADSL modem has the Ethernet connector for the PC. If the user decide to connect a router/switch to this Ethernet connector, he/she can have muliple PC connected to one ADSL modem for web browsing. But there is only 1 channel for VoIP which is the telephone device connecting to the modem.  [2004-12-9 11:41:04]
[问:libin11] 要是采用ST的方案,需要license费用吗?要是有,大概是什么价格? 
[答:Helen] We have a quotation for software including protocol stacks. Other than that, vendor has to pay for a seperate license fee for compressed codec (G.723/729) to standard committee called sipro. Please check their website  [2004-12-9 11:41:34]
[问:pine_123] 请问sip 怎样去实现它的协议栈? 
[答:Helen] SIP is the protocol stack. Would you please be more specific about your question?  [2004-12-9 11:42:03]
[问:程黎] 具体和谁联系有关VoIP解决方案的合作? 
[答:Helen] Please contact with our local marketing Ms. Helen Liu:  [2004-12-9 11:42:38]
[问:panjo21c] 目前VOIP技术与传统通信的对接有哪些较好的解决方案,在器材选用上应注意哪些问题? 
[答:Frank] Our current solution only support FXS solution. It mean you connect a normal telephone to the RJ11 connector. If you want to connect the VoIP to the PBX or PSTN, then you need to use FXO solution. At this moment, we do not support FXO.  [2004-12-9 11:43:49]
[问:程黎] 解决方案中,哪些是要收费的? 
[答:Helen] Do you mean the software? ST has a quotation for the provided software including protocol stacks and dsp codec. For compressed, a seperate license fee has to be paid to standard committee.  [2004-12-9 11:44:16]
[问:甲方乙方] 能举例说一下你们的ADSL+VOIP主要用在什么方面吗? 
[答:Helen] The focused market is very broad. Please refer to today"s presentation.  [2004-12-9 11:45:00]
[问:justforjob] 在移动市场如何启动?  
[答:Helen] It really depends on the telecom operator. As a chip vendor, we have plan for VoIP+3G.  [2004-12-9 11:45:36]
[问:phdchin] 是否有无线方式解决软交换问题?通过无线通信方式解决VoIP在互联网中图像、语音等大容量数据压缩的技术方案,并且可可以不失真显示高技术的适用性。 
[答:Eugene] Our current solution only support VoIP over ADSL.  It does support VoIP and large volume data transfer simultaneously.  Currently we are not supporting wireless for this solution.  [2004-12-9 11:46:42]
[问:tech] 能否提供全套解决方案,包括软硬件及软件源代码,有无费用?板上器件的价格大约是多少?谢谢! 
[答:Helen] Yes, we provide turnkey solution including hardware & software. However, part of the software e.g. protocol stack & DSP code will be provided in .obj. Please contact with our local marketing for quotation.   [2004-12-9 11:46:49]
[问:haertao] 产品面对什么样的客户群? 产品的价格体系? 产品的系统架构? 通话双方是否都需要安装设备? 能否实现不同品牌或者型号的设备之间通话? 
[答:Helen] The focused customer is very broad. Please refer to today"s presentation. As long as the compatibility of the protocol stacks is tested and confirmed, even the other end uses a different brand could be connected.  [2004-12-9 11:48:09]
[问:yejz] 这个方案的总体成本是多少?软件的是不是免费? 
[答:Helen] Quotation is based on quantity. ST has a charge for software.  [2004-12-9 11:48:39]
[问:willzzq] ADSL+VoIP与现在炒得很热的P2P网络电话,如SkyPE、HeadCall在技术架构和业务运营方面有什么区别? 
[答:MB] Our ADSL + VoIP solution is based on the IETF/ITU-T standards whereas correct me if I am wrong, SkyPE is based on proprietary signalling.  [2004-12-9 11:49:30]
[问:lt120000] The cost of chips used in this solution seems expensive.Do you think this solution will attract customers? 
[答:Helen] This solution is competitive compared to competitors.  [2004-12-9 11:50:22]
[问:jeff_lu] 如何去测试语音的质量?如何去根据网路的带宽去用不同的VOCODER? the delay of algorithm G.723.1 is 37.5ms,does it cause problem 
[答:Eugene] We have some Voice Quality Testing equipment to evaluate the quality of our voice connections.  The type of vocoders to be used is usually determined by the MGCP server.  For SIP voice applications, we can specify the type of vocoders to use.  Such delay of 37.5ms is not a problem for us.  [2004-12-9 11:50:37]
[问:subplot] 如何实现在这个平台上支持多路语音? 
[答:Helen] Multiple channels will be supported in the next gen ADSL chipset.  [2004-12-9 11:50:55]
[问:josszhang] 如果在ADSL(softvoip)只支持1个语音通道的话,那么这个产品只能在家庭用户市场上做了,在中国家庭市场规模虽然很大,但是消费能力不是很大特别是在在固话通讯消费上,如果产品的价格定的很高的话,会给运营商很大的压力,一般运营商普遍采用送设备给家庭用户,比如目前中国电信ADSL用户,他们的设备基本有运营商来送的,你们是否考虑到这个问题呢? 
[答:Helen] The next generation ADSL chipset will support more channels.  [2004-12-9 11:51:37]
[问:tao_song] How does ADSL support QoS on VoIP? 
[答:MB] We use the Class Based Queuing (CBQ), priority based scheduling to support QoS. The QoS support in Linux is good enough for it. For the external network routers, we use the TOS bits in the RTP packets so that external routers can provide priority service to our voice data.  [2004-12-9 11:52:03]
[问:zhangyongqian] Is the 5093 using any DSP core? 
[答:MB] NO. It is just a sampling codec.  [2004-12-9 11:52:37]
[问:cisco1518] 整合以后有什么优点?能否提高带宽使用效率? 
[答:Eugene] The combined voice+adsl does help the consumer to maximise the DSL bandwidth available to them.  [2004-12-9 11:52:39]
[问:khadgar02] 请问未来几年H.323和SIP的市场占有率会发生什么变化?是不是每个VOIP设备都要必须同时支持这两种协议? 
[答:MB] It depends on different regions. Different countries are suporting different protocols. H.323 is fading away as Microsoft stopped supporting Netmeeting(H.323 client) and promoting SIP in messenger. Also, we do not need to support both H.323 and SIP in the same device(separately is OK) as there are Interworking units providing conversion from H.323 protocol to SIP and vice versa.  [2004-12-9 11:56:41]
[问:小狮子] VOIP的保密性如何? 
[答:MB] There is H.235 security in H.323. There is MD5 and S/MIME support in SIP. And for MGCP it mainly relies on the lower layer protocols for security but in China there are existing proprietary authentication mechanisms existing. There is also secured RTP (S-RTP) for encoding the RTP data.  [2004-12-9 11:58:31]
[主持人:ChinaECNet] 恭喜您,英保达信息(天津)有限公司的KELLY WANG2经过电脑抽奖您在本次座谈中获得一部MP3播放器。请网名为KELLY WANG2的用户与中电网联系(8610-82888222-7009 或。   [2004-12-9 11:59:28]
[问:xinyun] 网络电话和计算机的IP地址怎样分配?是两个吗?是固定的吗? 
[答:MB] Now there can be two solutions: 1) One is half bridge mode: In this mode the box uses a local private IP address whereas the computer receives the public IP address provided by the ISP. When our box receives the public IP address from the ISP, through the help of DHCP server running in our box it provides this IP address to the computer. And the packet flitering is enabled in our box, so that packets related to specific port numbers used in our VoIP application are relayed to VoIP app whereas other packets are send to the computer. 2) Another one is router mode: In router mode we use 2 IP addresses for VoIP and computer.  [2004-12-9 12:06:02]
[问:] 1.S口上是否支持反极电流的记费方式 2.一块板上最大支持多少S口,是否提供O口?
[答:]  We currently support FXS interface.
[问:]  ADSL+ VoIP解决方案是否已经投入使用?情况如何
[答:]  We already have customers in APAC & Europe.
[问:]  Can voIP solution be integrated into DSLAM?
[答:]  Currently to provide VoIP termination from the softswitch is more adequate.
[问:]  Can you provide detail software spec? My email is
[答:]  Please provide your detailed request to our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  "Can you send me some technical material to the following address: Thanks."
[答:]  Please provide your detailed request to our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  codec and slic ic 能否兼容其它公司产品?
[答:]  We currently provide support to ST kit solution.
[问:]  Hi, Helen, Does ST owns DSL+VOP+WLAN solution now?
[答:]  Yes, we're working on it now.
[问:]  if updating the software,will this solution have a limited support to video? Have you the plan?
[答:]  We have plan to integrate the MPEG2/4 with the ADSL2+ solution.
[问:]  if we manage this solution, how much will it cost?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  ST50160的USB是做什么用的?
[答:]  To provide an alternative port to connect to PC.
[问:]  ST的解决方案和其它公司的解决方案相比,优势在那里呢?
[答:]  This solution doesn't require a dedicated DSP to process VoIP but everything's done by software on the ARM core. Therefore, it could provide the cost advantage.
[问:]  ST在Video IP Phone方案方面有什么计划吗?
[答:]  Yes, we do have plan for Video IPP using multi-media processor.
[答:]  Currently this solution supports MGCP & SIP.
[问:]  不加入DSP是不是因为目前的功能要求还不需要DSP,因此主要是为了降低成本?是不是随着半导体器件价格的降低,用户对产品性能的进一步提高,最终还是会考虑加入DSP呢?
[答:]  This really depends on application & ARM core's horse power. If more VoIP channels are required (e.g. 4 channels) and ARM's MIPs are not enough to support it, then DSP will be required.
[问:]  "采用那种软件,Licence费用若何?CODEC采用哪个厂商的?"
[答:]  The OS uCLinux is freeware. ST charges for the protocol stacks, DSP code & application code. Fro compressed codec (G.723, 729), the vendor has to pay the royalty to standard body e.g. SIPRO.
[问:]  "国内哪家公司已经有VOIP推向市场么?"
[答:]  Many companies already have VoIP products.
[问:]  能否简单介绍一些贵公司的产品原理?
[答:]  Please refer to today's presentation file.
[问:]  你们现在是否有可以演示的solution?
[答:]  Yes, we could provide demo over the current solution.
[问:]  请给我发一份详细说明
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  "请将意法半导体ADSL+VOIP解决方案发到我的信箱中"
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  "请教:我有个客户需求,要有2万ip电话终端用户,都是直接在局域网上的,用什么方案?我的邮件"
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  请介绍st VoIP的相关应用网址,我的邮箱:chendq@sva-int.com谢谢!
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  请介绍一下意法半导体的ADSL+VoIP解决方案的优点。
[答:]  Please refer to today's presentation file.
[问:]  请提供我具体的芯片的资料和电路,可以吗?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  请问ST50152解决方案的价格?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  请问VoIP是作为ADSL一个嵌入部件还是作为一个独立策略应用呢?
[答:]  VoIP provides added-value to the existing pure ADSL router solution.
[问:]  请问产品的性价比如何?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  请问此次推出的解决方案采用哪颗主芯片,性能怎样?是否可以支持其它的应用与扩展。
[答:]  Please refer to today's presentation file.
[问:]  "请问解决方案中硬件的成本?软件是否需要交纳费用?"
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  请问如何将adsl和voip技术整合在一块芯片上?
[答:]  Please refer to today's presentation file.
[问:]  "全套解决方案的软件是否收费?G.XXX系列标准费用如何支付?"
[答:]  The OS uCLinux is freeware. ST charges for the protocol stacks, DSP code & application code. Fro compressed codec (G.723, 729), the vendor has to pay the royalty to standard body e.g. SIPRO.
[问:]  如何选择合适的硬件(cpu)来实现winoppp协议。
[答:]  Please be more specific with your question.
[问:]  是否可以把单端口终端成本控制在300元以内
[答:]  Are you refering to voice over DSL or voice over ethernet?
[问:]  是否提供测试?如提供,测试的手续如何办理?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  是否已经量产?能否提供评估板进行测试评估?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  网络语音通话与传统电话通话相比,个人感觉有个很明显的弱点就是,因为受到网络状态的影响老是断断续续不连贯,这种ADSL+VoIP的方案能解决这个问题嘛,就是能够保证通话质量不受网络状态的影响而可以流畅的通话嘛?
[答:]  "If there is bandwidth limitation and there is serious time delay in the network, then we address this issue in the following manner: We give higher priority to voice data. Also we set the TOS bits for the routers in the external network to give higher priority as well. Our jitter buffer algorithm is an adaptive jitter buffer algorithm and based on the variable delay in the network(packet inter arrival time), we adjust our jitter buffer size such that this jitter is not perceived by the user. The dropped packet due to increased delay are dropped and replaced by an effective PLC(packet loss concealment) algorithm."
[问:]  我的第三个问题是:基于VoIP一体化芯片--Stradivarius chipset,你们有详细的SPEC吗?现在市面上可以买得到吗?
[答:]  Yes, the chip is in mass production. Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  我们公司已经有一系列IAD设备,并且销量不错,现在正在立项IP话机方案。能否介绍一下IP话机的解决方案?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  我们公司在北京,如何与你们联系,具体了解VoIP解决方案 ?我们与北京的ST office联系了,他们不清楚VoIP解决方案业务归国内那个ST office分管。谢谢!
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  "我们目前采用的是SIP软交换平台,国内已经有多套相同系统在各地运营商使用,目前最关心的是这个设备的市场价格问题,大家都知道,目前VOIP在中国推广的最大障碍在与设备的成本上。这个解决方案是否能成为比其它同类解决方案更廉价,性能优越的方案呢?"
[答:]  For ADSL+VoIP solution, the softvoip could definitely provide cost competitiveness.
[问:]  我现在使用的是教育网宽带系统,如何才能实现与ADSL网间的VoIP网络语音沟通?
[答:]  No issue from the technical aspect. It all depends on how telecom operator deploys the network.
[问:]  "我已经做过一款IP电话语音网关产品(已经开始销售)我想知道贵公司的ADSL+VOIP方案的具体内容,已经贵公司在这个方案中有哪些性价比高的芯片来实现;以及芯片的具体价格等"
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  我在移动终端设备研发机构,很想了解一下GSM+VOIP的前景和现在的技术成熟程度?
[答:]  We have plan for VoIP+3G.
[问:]  "我的第一个问题是:你们有没有考虑过WIFI VOIP这一问题,基于现在WIFI风暴席卷世界,各大厂商也纷纷来投入这方面的开发,你们公司想过进行这方面的开发吗?你认为这项技术的整合会有多大的市场呢?"
[答:]  Yes, we have future plan for WiFi phone.
[问:]  现在有哪几家提供这种方案,st的优势是什么?
[答:]  Because no DSP is required for limited 1-2 VoIP channels, this solution could definitely provide cost competitiveness.
[问:]  "现在在中国有什么用户在选用st的该方案?"
[答:]  We have multiple customers (CPE vendors) in China.
[问:]  意法半导体的ADSL+VoIP解决方案,方案价格,芯片价格,技术支持?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:
[问:]  在家庭产品中ADSL+VoIP如何解决“超”集成问题?
[答:]  Please be more specific with your question.
[问:]  这个方案做出来的产品成本在多少呢?
[答:]  Please contact with our local marketing contact window:

意法半导体(STMicroelectronics;ST)是全球领先的半导体解决方案供应商,为传感及功率技术和多媒体融合应用领域提供创新的解决方案。从能源管理和节能技术,到数字信任和数据安全,从医疗健身设备,到智能消费电子,从家电、汽车,到办公设备,从工作到娱乐,意法半导体的微电子器件无所不在,在丰富人们的生活方面发挥着积极、创新的作用。意法半导体代表着科技引领智能生活(life.augmented)的理念。 意法半导体2011年净收入97. 3亿美元。