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[问:shizd] 1.马达驱动用智能功率模块 iNTERO(TM) 系列产品内嵌DSP的性能和外围接口状况。2.iNTERO(TM) 系列产品在国内的供货状况和价目3.iNTERO(TM) 系列产品的开发系统成本 
[答:Li_Ming] 1.Interface the iNTERO offer are: JTAG, SPI, RS485 and CAN 2.Pls contact IR sales office: Beijing(tel: 010-68038195), Shenzhen(0755-83683686), and Shanghai(Tel: 021-63608811) for price and leadtime. 3.TI and its third part supply development tools.  [2002-12-12 10:29:01]
[问:nettle] 请问: 在1千瓦功率下,模块里自带的过流保护功能是否足够而无须外加过流保护电路了 
[答:Li_Ming] Yes, You don"t need to add extra overcurrent protection.  [2002-12-12 10:29:03]
[答:单词翻译] overcurrent protection:过电流保护  
[问: frank_xiu] 请问iNTEROTM系列模块,可否驱动船继电机? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] It can also be used in ship. Intero is suitable in all the applications where you need to drive a 3-phase electrical motor. Of course the software will be diffirent according to the applications" specs.  [2002-12-12 10:31:30]
[答:单词翻译] 3-phase electrical motor:三相马达  
[问: wxwangf] DSP在模块中充当什么角色? 
[答:Li_Ming] System control, like PWM generator, algorithm. Close loop control etc.  [2002-12-12 10:33:23]
[答:单词翻译] System control:系统控制 PWM generator:脉宽调制发生器 algorithm:算法  
[问: student] 专家你好,我公司正在研发一医疗产品,需要用驱动器驱动步进电机,正在寻找合适的驱动器。我想向你请教关于贵公司生产的这种产品与同类产品相比有那些优点?主要解决了那些问题?能介绍一下它的详细资料吗(或在什么地方能找到这些资料)?谢谢! 
[答:Luca_ Martino] IR is currently working with iNTERO in some medical applications. One big advantage of iNTERO is the high level of integration that allows you to shrink the motor drive dimension even for high power level. We can discuss together your system and see what specific problem the iNTERO could solve in your case.For all the technical info you can see the website  [2002-12-12 10:35:36]
[答:单词翻译] medical applications:医疗应用 motor drive:马达驱动 dimension:尺寸  
[问:gzg_19 7707156] 贵公司智能模块有哪些优势? 
[答:Li_Ming] Highest integration in the market. Programmable, can see as a uP peripheral.  [2002-12-12 10:35:56]
[答:单词翻译] peripheral:外围设备  
[问:wyj196 551@yaho] EBD板上电流反馈环路上有关滤波器的带宽、时延等指标的依据? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] In the available part numbers bandwith and range of the current sensing have already been fixed. These value have been decided to meet the majority of the application but, in case of specific needs, this values can be choosen changing some passive components, like resistors and capacitors. The maximum bandwith achievable is more or less 10kHz in the inverter configuration and 100kHz in the bridge-brake-inverter.  [2002-12-12 10:39:50]
[答:单词翻译] inverter configuration:逆变器配置 bridge-brake-inverter:制动器逆变器.  
[问:dr.wu] 模块内是否预装有软件?如PWM(交流电机或直流无刷电机), 电流闭环等。软件的内码是否是公开的? 
[答:Li_Ming] 对于交流感应电机,你可以从网上下载演示软件和通过PIIPM的串行口下载。电流不闭环。你不必为它付任何的许可证费用。  [2002-12-12 10:42:11]
[问:yq11999] 智能功率模块的最小供电电压有多高,它在用DSP控制时的灵敏度能否保持不变?
[答:Luca_ Martino] The EDB board is supplied with a nominal voltage of 15V. The flyback power supply is specified for a range of 12V - 18V. The DSP is powered from this input voltage and reads it. When the voltage goes belove 12V the DSP resets itself and the system-shutdown is safe that means the driver goes in protection mode before the DSP is shutted down.  [2002-12-12 10:46:25]
[答:单词翻译] flyback :反激变压器 input voltage:输入电压 reset:重置  system-shutdown:系统关断 protection mode:保护模式  
[问:wangkj] 我可能刚巧需要这个器件,是否有资料提前发送给我?是否支持380V 3相电源,是否可以功率扩展?my 
[答:Alex_M] We have 1200V modules that should be ok for the 380V input.Data sheets can be downloaded from our website  [2002-12-12 10:47:38]
[答:单词翻译] modules:模块 Data sheets:数据资料  
[问:leasun] iNTERO功率模块的基本结构? 
[答:Li_Ming] consist by power inverter module(EMP), control board on top of module(EDB)  [2002-12-12 10:48:45]
[答:单词翻译] control board:控制板  
[问:shg_ma] 我们生产电动自行车,现在准备做四轮驱动的大功率电动车,有哪些好的方案? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] Unfortunately I do not know in details the problems related to electrical bicycles but iNTERO is certainly suitable for all multi-axis applications. The power module is made of IGBTs (up to 600V DC link, rated voltage of the die 1200V) so if you are talking about battery powered applications we need to better understand the efficiency requested.  [2002-12-12 10:55:12]
[答:单词翻译] electrical bicycles:电动自行车 multi-axis:多轴 power module:功率模块 rated voltage:额定电压  
[问:samire] Can you tell me the prices for different modules such as PIM, IPM, IIPM and PIIPM? 
[答:Alex_M] Please send a mail to Rix Liu at giving the rating of the part and we will send you the prices.  [2002-12-12 10:56:22]
[问:zhang chunxi] 功率模块的开关频率是多少?
[答:Li_Ming] Up to 20kHz. Customer can select any frequency below 20kHz.  [2002-12-12 10:57:23]
[答:单词翻译] frequency:频率  
[问:robin] I know iNTERO sample is available, how about the leadtime? 
[答:Alex_M] sample quantities of 25A and 50A inverter configuration modules can be shipped in about 4 weeks now.  [2002-12-12 10:57:37]
[问:robin] How about the standard leadtime for 3-5pcs available part#? 
[答:Alex_M] Can be shipped in about 4/6 weeks.  [2002-12-12 10:58:09]
[问:qin] Could you please tell me the DC bus more detailed? 
[答:Luca_Martino] In case of AC single-phase input we can have a DC bus nominal voltage up to 300V and the rated voltage of the IGBT should be 600V (PIIPM30P06D009). For 3-phase AC input the DC bus nominal voltage is up to 600V and the rated voltage of the IGBT should be 1200V, like in PIIPM50P12B004 and PIIPM15P12D007  [2002-12-12 10:59:32]
[答:单词翻译] single-phase input:单向输入 bus:总线 nominal voltage:正常电压  
[问:samire] What kind of microprocessor should be used for IPM and IIPM Modules? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] Regarding the IPM and IIPM modules we leave to the customer the possibility to choose the uP or DSP preferred (for example Texas Instruments, Motorola, Hitachi or others). If you want to share with us your system specifications we can identify what is the control circuit you need.  [2002-12-12 11:03:06]
[答:单词翻译] uP:微处理器 system specifications:系统说明 control circuit:控制电路  
[问:dr.wu] Bridge-Brake模块是否是独立与PIIPM50P120B004的模块?它的封装如何? 
[答:Li_Ming] 整流-制动器是相同封装不同的模块。  [2002-12-12 11:03:11]
[问:wang baoren] 请问模块中高端IGBT的栅极驱动是否需要外加独立电源?谢谢。 
[答:Luca_ Martino] No, you only need to provide 15V to supply the flyback on the EDB that generates all the voltages needed for the logic circuitry and for the high-side IGBT. Another 5V is necessary for the opto-isolated interface.  [2002-12-12 11:05:30]
[答:单词翻译] logic circuitry:逻辑电路 high-side IGBT:高端IGBT opto-isolated interface:光隔离接口.  
[问: huhuizhu] 请问可以通过模块提供的JTAG接口自行更改模块中DSP内部的程序吗? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] You certainly can modify the program inside the DSP. On IR web site you can find a demo software that can be downloaded on the iNTERO thru the serial port. On the other side you can download your own software on the DSP thru the JTAG or, again, the serial port.  [2002-12-12 11:08:31]
[答:单词翻译] modify:更改  demo software:演示软件 serial port:串行端口.  
[问:ecnan jing_EBY7E] 在系统运行中上位机出现故障,如死机、复位等模块是维持原状态还是停止工作? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] When a fault occurs the drive goes in protection mode (software and hardware) and you can define the interrupt procedure that you want to execute in the DSP.  [2002-12-12 11:11:12]
[答:单词翻译] fault:故障 interrupt procedure:中断程序 execute:执行  
[问:samire] If I add a MCU on the IPM modules, what shall I do for that? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] Talking about the IPM modules you can have a motherboard connected with the module where you can add all the circuitry needed including a MCU.  [2002-12-12 11:14:37]
[答:单词翻译] motherboard:主板  
[问:zhang chunxi] 功率模块适于多大容量的电机? 
[答:Li_Ming] depending on which module you select, like 50A/1200V, it can drive 12KW motor.  [2002-12-12 11:17:00]
[答:单词翻译] drive:驱动  
[问:phu312] 专家您好:请问用于电动汽车无刷电机的低压大电流(额定电压:36V,电流250A左右),该如何处理? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] For this low voltage application I would suggest to have a MOSFET power module instead of IGBT power module so actual iNTERO part numbers would not be the best choice.  [2002-12-12 11:17:08]
[答:单词翻译] low voltage application:低压应用  
[问:yue yang_cn] 马达可以用软件通过驱动来控制这确实是非常好的技术。看了简单的介绍知道它是采用电流的监控来实现的,但马达使用的时间长了,同等的电流所提供的转速是会变的,这该怎样解决。我是搞软件开发的,有无样品先体验一下? 
[答:Li_Ming] Depending what you are going to control, speed or current. This can be implemented by your software. Again, for samples, pls contact IR sales office.  [2002-12-12 11:19:45]
[答:单词翻译] samples:样品  
[问:linsz] 请问模块内的DSP是什么类型?程序如何写入? 
[答: Li_Ming] TMS320LF2406A is built inside the module. Regarding programming the module, you can use JTAG interface to load your software into module.  [2002-12-12 11:19:57]
[答:单词翻译] JTAG interface:JTAG接口 load:写入  
[问:LIUCL] 为何此款产品没有把CANBUS引出来? 
[答: Li_Ming] Yes  [2002-12-12 11:22:09]
[问:dr.wu] 模块是如何减小EMI? 
[答: Li_Ming] 由于高度集成,PIIPM的尺寸非常小,能把它放在很靠近马达的地方,缩短了PIIPM和马达间的电缆长度,因而减小了EMI。IGBT的交换,EDB的功率回路和接地线已经过优化,更进一步减小了电磁噪音。  [2002-12-12 11:22:40]
[问:dr.wu] IR是否提供模块编程开发工具?使用哪种语言?开发器价格是多少? 
[答: Li_Ming] IR不提供开发工具。可从TI得到 DSP的标准开发工具。TI的几个第三方提供他们本身的开发工具以及高级语言。  [2002-12-12 11:23:11]
[问:dr.wu] 模块绝缘耐压是多少? 
[答: Li_Ming] EDB上的DSP是直流接地的,通信接口的隔离电压是2500V一分钟(详情请参阅数据表)。  [2002-12-12 11:24:41]
[问:ljp] IR的iNTERO系列中是否有500V,300A适合电力机车的驱动模块? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] Actually the maximum current available is 50A. We already have in our roadmap a 600V 60A but, for higher current, we do not have a plan yet. If you are interested to work with IR for this kind of products please contact our offices.  [2002-12-12 11:27:30]
[答:单词翻译] maximum current:最大电流  
[问:samire] Do you use an optocoupler in PIIPM module? Which company’s product? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] The opto-couplers used in the communication interface are Agilent high-speed opto  [2002-12-12 11:28:43]
[答:单词翻译] opto-couplers:光耦合器 communication interface:通信接口  
[问: wangzhu1] 贵司的产品在什么地方可以买到,有中文的规格书吗?
[答:Alex_M] Please contact our local sales offices - Beijing 010-68038195, Shanghai 021-63608811 and Shenzen 0755-83683686.The spec is available at our website and is in English.  [2002-12-12 11:28:59]
[答:单词翻译] spec:规格书 website :网站  
[问:hzkq] How about the EMC performance of the Modules? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] We did think about the EMC performances during the developing phase of the iNTERO. The control board has been designed following all the rules needed to minimize the EMC problems and having the EDB really near the power is a great advatange.  [2002-12-12 11:35:23]
[答:单词翻译] EMC:电磁兼容 minimize:最小化  
[问:ljp] PIIPM50P12B004的控制部分供电,是否直接从DCIN+、DCIN-变换,无需外加电源。 
[答: Li_Ming] iNTERO module already has buid-in power supply for control board. A 15V DC input is needed. The internal power supply does not achieve from DCIN+,DCIN- for the reason of size limitation.  [2002-12-12 11:38:35]
[答:单词翻译] buid-in power supply:内部供电 achieve:达到  size limitation:尺寸限制.  
[问:samire] What is the minimum requirement of a MCU, if I try to use it in IPM modules? For example, Bits, Speed, Memory and so on. 
[答:Luca_ Martino] It is stricly related with the application, we can deeply discuss these aspects together if you contact the IR local offices.  [2002-12-12 11:39:39]
[问:qin] Which company has been used the PIIPM module to control the motor? 
[答:Alex_M] We are working with several customers in different areas -elevators, medical equipment like hospital beds, packaging robots, cnc machines etc.Please let us know your application and if you need any more information from us.  [2002-12-12 11:40:50]
[答:单词翻译] elevators:升降机 packaging robots:自动包装设备  
[问:samire] CF2406A is a 16bit fixed point DSP, is it possible to replace the CF2406 with an 8bit or other cheaper one? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] Yes, it is possible to replace the DSP in custom configurations of iNTERO  [2002-12-12 11:40:51]
[问:张庆义] Can I get the presenation copy by e-mail: THx. 
[答:Alex_M] Yes we will arrange it for you. Please send a mail to Rix Liu at  [2002-12-12 11:41:55]
[问:nettle] 功率模块内部的保护电路是否已经足够,还要外加保护电路吗? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] For the majority of the applications the built-in protections are more than enough (short-circuit, over voltage, under voltage, over current, overtemperature etc.) and you do not need to add any other protections  [2002-12-12 11:42:52]
[答:单词翻译] built-in protections:内建保护 short-circuit:短路, over voltage:过电压, under voltage:欠压, over current:过电流, overtemperature:过温  
[问:dr.wu] 相电流检测是如何隔离的? 
[答: Li_Ming] 我们用光电流感应来读相位电流,它的输出连接到ADC输入端。  [2002-12-12 11:43:11]
[问:dr.wu] 模块的可靠性如何?模块产生的热量是否会影响EDB板上的元件? 
[答:Li_Ming] 我们进行过几种热模拟,通过几次测量已得到确认。所有资料,包括可靠性测试,都可提供。  [2002-12-12 11:44:01]
[问:samire] If we use the PIIPM modules to control the speed of motor, what is the control performance? How about precise of speed or resolution? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] This aspect is related to the control algorithm that you implement in the DSP and the speed sensors used. If we are talking about a V/f control the precise feedback of the DC bus in the iNTERO is an important starting point  [2002-12-12 11:45:25]
[答:单词翻译] speed sensors:速度传感器  V/f control: 电压/频率控制  
[问: luojingfeng2] 此电机调速方案在零栅压下,据说IGBT可以完全关断,请问存在关断滞后现象吗? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] You do not need to provide a negative voltage to the IGBT (zero voltage is more than enough to keep the IR IGBT turned off). The turn off delay is mainly due to the gate-driver propagation delay (more or less 300ns)  [2002-12-12 11:48:31]
[答:单词翻译] negative voltage:负电压 turned off:关断 delay:滞后 gate-driver:门驱动器 propagation delay:传播延迟  
[问:samire] Where can I get the datasheet and application note of the PIIPM modules? 
[答:Alex_M] Please refer to our website please contact our local sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen or Hong Kong.  [2002-12-12 11:51:12]
[问:ecnan jing_EBY7E] PIIPM50P12B004的JTAG接口及RS442接口信号的时序图datasheet中没有给出,什么地方可以得到?
[答:Luca_ Martino] As you know the JTAG interface is a standard interface and all the specs can be find on-line (for example on the TI website The same thing is applicable to the RS422.  [2002-12-12 11:51:45]
[答:单词翻译] standard interface:标准接口  
[问:wengxp] How do select bootstrap capacitors in IR213X serial? 
[答:Li_Ming] IR has a Design-Tip which explain how to choice bootstrap capacitors for IR dirver ICs. You can download this paper from IR websit in technical support function:  [2002-12-12 11:53:22]
[答:单词翻译] Design-Tip:设计提示 bootstrap capacitors:启动电容  
[问:qin] There are DSP, transformer and other ICs in EDB, how to layout the PCB of EDB for reducing noise and interference? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] This was a great issue during the developing ot the EDB. All the ground layers and the signals layout have been designed in order to minimize noise and interference  [2002-12-12 11:54:57]
[答:单词翻译] ground layers:接地层 signals layout:信号层 noise:噪声 interference:干扰  
[问:custo m123] When in debugging, normally, the host PC will connect to iNTERO module. my question is if host PC was down, what will happen to iNTERO module?Does the iNTERO could run independently? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] The iNTERO module has a DSP on board that is able to control properly the motor and to run indipendently  [2002-12-12 11:56:23]
[答:单词翻译] run indipendently:独立运行  
[问: siemen_yu@] 如果用于3kw的水泵电机,应该选用那款ipm,参数如何 
[答:Li_Ming] 15A/1200V(PIIP15P12B004) inverter ipm. you can download datasheet from  [2002-12-12 11:59:20]
[问: wangzhu1] 该驱动器内部的DSP软件,是否需要用户编程、写入,如果是的话,用什么工具? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] On IR web site you can find a demo software that is freeware. We leave the possibility to develop your own software or we can suggest some system integrator that can help you in writing it. There are several companies that develop tools for programming the TI DSP and also TI has his own development tool  [2002-12-12 12:00:06]
[答:单词翻译] freeware:免费软件system integrator :系统积分器  
[问:qin] How high is the overload capability of IGBT? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] The iNTERO maps 200% the rated current of the IGBTs (for example we map +-100A in the 50A power module). For thermal considerations refer to the datasheet on the web site  [2002-12-12 12:03:11]
[答:单词翻译] rated current:额定电流  
[问:zhujak] can i control the module using GPIB bus? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] Unfortunately no. The communication interfaces provided are RS422, CAN and SPI depending on the part number  [2002-12-12 12:04:14]
[答:单词翻译] CAN:控制器区域网 and SPI:串行外设接口 part number:型号  
[问:qin] Does IR have any other type of variable speed control of motor range from 0.5KW-1.5W?  
[答: Alex_M] We will soon release Application Specific Intelligent Power Module (AIPM) in SIP/DIP packages for such applications.A built-in temperature monitor and over-temperature/over-current protection, along with the short-circuit rated IGBTs and integrated under-voltage lockout function, deliver high level of protection and fail-safeoperation.  [2002-12-12 12:06:23]
[答:单词翻译] Application Specific Intelligent Power Module (AIPM):特殊应用智能模块  SIP/DIP:单列直插/双列直插 built-in temperature monitor内建温度监控器under-voltage lockout function:低压锁住功能  
[问:duxiong] 电机调速有很多种方式,比如说直接转矩控制,矢量控制等,请问IR的新产品模块中电机调速采用的是什么算法。在软件实现上的实时性如何? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] IR only supply the hardware and a simple demo softare downloadable on the web site http://intero.irf.comWe can suggest system integrator that can help you in writing software or you can choose your own control algorithm and download it on the DSP thru the JTAG or the serial port  [2002-12-12 12:06:46]
[问: gliang2] 如何申请样品?有何条件要求?如何订购? 
[答:Alex_M] Please contact Rix Liu at for all details on samples.  [2002-12-12 12:07:54]
[问:ecnanji ng_EBY7E] 马达相序接错是否会损坏PIIPM50P12B004,有没有保护措施? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] No, it can not be damaged  [2002-12-12 12:08:57]
[答:单词翻译] damaged:损坏  
[问:wang baoren] 请问贵公司驱动模块产品中是否有带栅极驱动的桥式驱动模块(约700V/10A左右),适用于步进电机驱动?谢谢。 
[答:Luca_ Martino] We will soon have samples of Bridge-Brake-Inverter module 600V 30A suitable for driving AC induction and brushless motors. [2002-12-12 12:10:48]
[答:单词翻译] AC induction:交流感应 brushless motors:无刷电机  
[问:gliang2] IR还提供其它中小功率电机驱动模块吗?比如家电中的电机驱动模块? 
[答:Alex_M] Yes we will release such modules in SIP/DIP packages for appliance applications.These are Application Specific Intelligent Power Module (AIPM) developed and optimized for electronic motor control in appliance applications such as washing machines and refrigerators. A built-in temperature monitor and over-temperature/over-current protection, along with the short-circuit rated IGBTs and integrated under-voltage lockout function, deliver high level of protection and fail-safeoperation.Please contact our local sales offices for more details.  [2002-12-12 12:13:47]
[答:单词翻译] optimized:最优化  
[问:ljp] PIIPM50P12B004的变频比为多少,对应的输出是怎样的? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] The minimum and maximum frequency output to the motor is related to the control algorithm that you download on the DSP. If you need more information contact the IR office  [2002-12-12 12:18:11]
[答:单词翻译] minimum and maximum frequency:最小和最大频率  
[问:qin] How to avoid false detection due to spike voltage? 
[答:Luca_ Martino] The control board has been designed to reject the noise coming from the power module so, any spike voltages that happen should not affect EDB operation  [2002-12-12 12:23:32]
[问:] Do IR plan to develop low voltage MOS power module?
[答:] Regarding Intero modules IR will not develop any low voltage MOS power module in the near future
[问:] 如果我们需要低压的功率MOS模块(线路有我们提供),多少数量和金额的定单可以接受?还是不接受
[答:]  If we need low voltage MOS power module,What is the minimal order you could accept, or you could not accept? We can develop customized solutions depending on volume of business, please contact your IR local office to discuss your system specs.
[问:] 有没有5~10A/600V的三相全桥IGBT逆变桥及驱动模块?
[答:] Do you have 5~10A/600V 3-phase full bridge IGBT inverter and drive module? Actually we have 15A/1200V BBI beta samples (BBI means Bridge Brake inverter) on March we are going to have 30A/600V BBI also, if you want to know more about INTERO family please see our internet site at:
[问:] 在有源PFC方面,IR有无新的产品推介?如有,性价比如何?
[答:] Do you have new active PFC products to introduce? If you have ,how about the performance to price? Actually PIIPM doesn’t include PFC.
[问:] Can I use only 1 DC15V power supply for this IR module, instead of four DC15V power supply?
[答:] Yes.PIIPM needs one 15Vdc power supply to work correctly, moreover is needed another 5Vdc supply to communicate with external communication line, please consult datasheet on
[问:] Can iNTERO(TM) use with control of switch reluctance?
[答:] Yes, INTERO family can be used with all three phases motors
[问:]  Can this new module of IR be used to vector control of AC motor easier, not only V/F control?
[答:] Yes, INTERO intelligent modules can be used to drive AC motor using space vector control as well as sensorless control,
[问:] How many interfaces are available in the PIIPM module?
[答:] SCI or SPI are available on all models, CAN interface is available on BBI only, please consult the datasheets on for more specs.
[问:] IGBT智能模块,目前能做到几单元?功率多大?资料能否给一些?
[答:] How many units could be designed in one IGBT intellectual module? How much is the power? Is the datasheet available? Please refer to the data sheets at
[问:] iNETRO 的最高运行频率可达多少?What is the maximal running frequency of the iNETRO?
[答:] The maximum PWM frequency is based on power losses that the application can accept, actually we have tested PIIPM up to 20KHz, please see Datasheet for more specs.
[问:] intero 如何实现闭环控制
[答:] Yes, PIIPM can close current, speed, position loops, this depends on software downloaded into DSP only.
[问:] intero 使用的通讯接口是那些
[答:] See question 9.
[问:] iNTERO(TM) 的性能和功能如何?
[答:] Please see datasheet available on INTERO site for specs.
[问:] iNTERO(TM)series can be used in UPS? what is its price?
[答:] Yes, some applications with iNTERO for UPS already exists, please contact IR local office to discuss your system specs and price.
[问:] INTERO(TM)系列比较常用的型号是什么?他于其他的马达驱动有何比较明显的优点和功能?
[答:] INTERO series are used to run all type of three phases motor (for example brushless), the biggest advantages compared competitors are the size and the price.
[问:] iNTERO系列马达驱动用智能功率模块产品价格是多少?
[答:] Pls contact IR sales office in China. Shenzhen: 0755-83683686 Shanghai: 021-63608811 Beijing: 010-68038195
[问:] IR 提供的软件是对哪一部分编程?
[答:] The part programmed into module is DSP and/or Eeprom, it depends on the type of PIIPM, actually software consists in a simple V/F control plus a graphic interface for PC to see what the PIIPM is doing.
[问:] IR公司是否有水泵专用的功率模块,能否介绍一下
[答:] INTERO modules are designed also for pumps, please contact IR local office for a presentation request.
[问:]  Is or not do need connect a small capacitor between G and D of IGBT? If need, how much is it’s value?
[答:] You do not need to connect anything to IGBTs on PIIPMs
[问:]  PIIPM50P12B004的IGBT的导通压降最大是多少?
[答:] The typical drop voltage is 2.15V at 50A at 25 degC, see datasheet available at for more details.
[问:]  PIIPM50P12B004的机械尺寸为45X108MM,要达到15KW的功率输出,散热问题如何 解决,器件有无过热保护?
[答:] The dimension of heatsink depends directly on the power loss and the environment temperature; a way to reduce this is to reduce working frequency and/or changing control strategy. Yes, the module has a termistor that sense the temperature; this can be used to protect the device.
[问:] PIIPM50P12B004的开关延迟时间是多少?
[答:] Please see datasheet on for all timing specs.
[问:] PIIPM50P12B004对IGBT的门驱动电流有多大?
[答:] It is 1.7A sink / 2A source, please see IR2213 datasheet available con IR web site.
[问:] PIIPM50P12B004是用TMS320LF2406DSP进行控制,从传感器反馈,到执行器动作总延迟有多大?
[答:] It depends on the software, but can be a fraction of one PWM cycle period.
[问:] PI-IPM的成本较IPM模块要贵多少
[答:] Please bear in mind that the PI-IPM has much more features than a standard IPM available in the market. The price would depend on the configuration, power level and the quantity. Please contact the IR sales office for a quote.
[问:] PIIPM逆变器输入电压多少?
[答:] PIIPM needs a 15V power supply and a 5V to communicate with serial line, see datasheet available on for more details.
[问:] What is the advantage of NPT V version IGBT? Can you tell me the P/N of the IGBT?
[答:] NPT gen V are quicker than gen IV, and so power losses are lower than previous generation. You’ll find all actual discrete TO-247 production in IR site at , for a more complete list of gen V IGBTs please contact your IR local office.
[问:] what products can be used for BLDC motor control?
[答:] All PIIPMs can be used for BLDC.
[问:] 采用IR2130DS设计电动自行车调速控制器,HIN1,2,3;LIN1,2,3时序稍有抖动就回烧功率器件,请问专家有无良方帮助解决。
[答:] IR2130 有半桥互锁电路(2.5us死区时间),因次不会产生桥臂短路。输入脉冲抖动会使驱动电机的脉冲时序混乱,造成电机过电流。因此首先1)要保证输入控制脉冲时序正常,2)电路增加过电流保护,3)注意电路布局,防止大电流对控制电路的干扰。4)如果需要了解更多的信息,请与IR公司西安应用中心联系:029-5271820。
[问:] 该功率模块能否采用单电源驱动和不隔离
[答:] Yes, you only need to provide to IGBTs a 15V power supply not isolated.
[问:] 该模块是否通过某些可靠性验证,以适应军品上的运用?
[答:] Actually the module is not certificated for military application.
[问:] 请问IPM模块最大功率能做到多大?---谢谢!
[答:] Actually the maximum current rating of the PI-IPM available at 1200V is 50A.
[问:] 请问该模块可否做正弦波无刷直流电动机的驱动?
[答:] The PI-IPM has been designed for servo-drive application and it is indicated for driving sinusoidal brushless motors.
[问:] 请问该模块能驱动的电机类型?驱动电机最大功率为多少?选用何种功率放大元件?最简单的外围电路配置?
[答:] You can drive AC-induction or brushless motors and the maximum motor power depends strongly on the application and the cooling system; contact IR local office to discuss your system specs.
[问:] 请问里面的DSP型号?TI的F240系列可以直接用RS232口写程序吗?
[答:] The DSP used is TMS320LF2406A that can be programmed thru the SCI (RS232). On IR web site you can find a demo software downloadable thru the RS232.
[问:] 请问能有免费的参考资料可以提供吗?谢谢!
[答:] Yes, look at
[问:] 请问新的智能功率模块和原有的IR半桥驱动模块比如IR2104相比有哪些功能方面的改进?有没有详细的技术资料(pdf文档)可供下载?
[答:] INTERO is almost a complete solution to drive a 3-phase electrical motor, you can find the datasheet at
[问:] 请问一下此模块的最有优势的地方在哪里?主要有些什么样的特点,主要适用于什么工程下使用。谢谢!
[答:] The iNTERO is the unique programmable isolated IPM today available in the market.
[问:] 请问专家,PIIPM50P12B004的应用程序何处可以得到?
[答:] You can find a demo software on the website
[问:] 驱动程序到哪里下载
[答:] You can find a demo software on the website
[问:] 如果是用贵公司的模块开发一台工业变频器产品,该如何扩展模块的功能?
[答:] Please contact your IR local office to discuss your system specs.
[问:] 如何购买该系列产品?
[答:] Please contact your IR local office.
[问:] 三相逆变器驱动器IC,可示可以用来驱动直流马达?
[答:] Yes
[问:] 是否可用来驱动直流无刷电机?
[答:] Yes.
[问:] 它们比较典型的电路图是如何连接的。
[答:] At in the demo software file you can find a file with a typical connection diagram.
[问:] 我想查找相关的资料到哪里查找?
[答:] You can download the datasheet on the website
[问:]  应用iNTERO在高频开关电源上与传统IGBT加上贵公司的MOS驱动在性能价格比上有什么优势?以及可使设计简化多少?如3KW的直流电源!
[答:] The Intero modules have the highest level of integration that is available in the market today. The new modules integrate the power stage with an embedded driver board (EDB) that can deliver functionalities such as programmable drive control, current sensing, isolation, gate driver and power stage protection.
[问:]  用PIIIPM设计类变频器的电机调速产品,还需哪些保护需要做?
[答:] products using PIIIPM similar to transducer. Please contact your IR local office to discuss your system specs
[问:] 用电阻来实现短路保护,是不是意味着一旦短路,电阻将被烧坏,就需要更换电阻.
[答:] No, resistors and IGBTs will not be destroyed in case of short circuit. The protection open the SC fast enough to prevent against any damage that could happen to the hardware parts
[问:] 用户是否需对模块中的DSP芯片进行编程
[答:] Yes, a simple demo software can be downloaded from
[问:] 有价格表吗?mail给我
[答:] Please contact the local IR office.
[问:] 有没有带电流检测及电流闭环,300A,1200V的一体化三相桥式直流整流模块?
[答:] Unfortunately no.
[问:] 有没有两相,75A,1200V的产品?
[答:] Unfortunately no.
[问:] 有无加减速功能?
[答:] PI-IPM module has a DSP on board so the functions are strictly related to the software. A simple V/f control algorithm where you can choose the speed is available at
[问:] 与富士机电的R-IPM相比较有何优缺点?
[答:] The basic advantage is that iNTERO is programmable(it is not only an IPM) thanks to the DSP on board.
[问:] 与其他公司的IPM模块相比INTERO有优点?
[答:] The basic advantage is that iNTERO is programmable (it is not only an IPM) thanks to the DSP on board
[问:] 在厦门有经销商吗?
[答:] 请联系IR公司深圳办事处:0755-83683686
[问:] 怎样控制电机的力量?
[答:] All the three phase currents flowing to the motor are sensed so you can easily control the torque of the motor.
[问:] 这个模块的主要功能是什么?
[答:] The module is almost a complete solution to drive a 3-phase electrical motor.
[问:] 整个模块的工作效率如何?
[答:] We have performed several tests on the efficiency vs switching frequency and output current. Contact IR local office to have those data.
[问:] 功率模块对供电电源有什么要求?What is the power supply requirement of the power module?
[答:] Module needs 1- DCBus power supply 2- 15V 1A Not isolated power supply for control stage 3- 5V 1A Isolated Power supply for opto isolated communication
[问:] 贵公司的产品在多大温差环境下能否正常工作?What’s the temperature range of your products?
[答:] Operating ambient temperature range is –20 to +60 degC
[问:] 据我所知IR还提供所谓Accelerator电机控制开发系统,它和intero模块有何差别? As I know , IR provides so-called Accelerator engine controlling development system. What’s the difference between iNTERO and it?
[答:] The Accelerator is a motor control design platform while the iNTERO is a family of power modules where the most integrated is a programmable isolated intelligent power module
[问:] 可否能用INTERO(TM)系列和IR2136制作SPWM正弦波逆变器(变频电源),和现在常用的日 本三菱IPM比较有何优势? Could I make SPWM sinewave inverter(transducer power) using INTERO(TM) and IR2136?What’s the advantages over Japanese MITSUBISHI IPM ?
[答:] Yes, you can do SPWM sinewave inverter with iNTERO PIIPM. You do not need IR2136, gate driving stage and computation power are all embedded in PIIPM.Advantage over Mitsubishi is that with PIIPM you have almost the complete system already built for you. You need only little stuff around PIIPM to build a motor driver.
[问:] 可以驱动直流无刷电机吗?输出频率范围如何? Can INTERO drive BLDC? What’s the output frequency range?
[答:] Yes, it can. Output PWM frequency ranges from 2 kHz to 20 kHz.
[问:] 可以申请样品评估吗?如何申请?May I apply for samples? And how?
[答:] Yes, PIIPM samples are now shipping. Please ask your IR local representative.
[问:]  模块内部是否有温度保护?是否提供接口?Is there temperature protection inside the module? And do it provide interface?
[答:] Inside the module there is a thermistor linked with DSP through analog port. The software inside DSP should handle the signal coming from thermistor and protect the module.
[问:] 模块内嵌的DSP抗干扰特性怎样?另外,DSP通过JTAG口加载程序程序时,马达会处于 什么状态?How about the anti-interference property of the embedded DSP? And What status is the motor in when programming DSP through JTAG?
[答:] The DSP behaves correctly in noisy environment, we tested it and we did not have problems. When JTAG is used the motor has to be stopped and the Dcbus power supply must be disconnected.
[问:] 目前国内是否已经有现货供应?如何购买?Now is there products available in China? How to get it?
[答:] Yes, PIIPM samples are now shipping. Please ask your IR local representative.
[问:]  能否提供控制软件?Could you provide controlling software?
[答:] on the web site you can find a demo V/f software downloadable on the PIIPM thru a serial interface
[问:] 能否提供原理图? Could you provide schematic?
[答:] on the datasheet you can find a block schematic of the control board
[问:] 请告知在上海,你们的销售部门的联系方式,如电话等! How to contact your sales office in ShangHai? Please tell me the phone number.
[答:] 上海销售:021-63608811