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德州仪器(TI) 简化客户端电话设计 - C54x上实作eXpressDSP兼容算法


座谈题目:简化客户端电话设计 - C54x上实作eXpressDSP兼容算法
2002年6月21日,中国电子元器件信息交易网(简称中电网,与著名的美国德州仪器公司(Texas Instruments.)合作,成功地举办了该公司在中电网上的第三次在线座谈。
[问:zgj282828] ti的dsp芯片价格在市场中处于什么位置
[答:Eric] TI has wide range of DSP portfolio from low cost to high performance. TI DSP has pricing advantages in the total system cost. @[02-6-21 上午 10:28:03]
[问:chenwy] 如何实现IP电话终端?C54x是否提供IP的相关压缩算法,如G729等?
[答:Eric] Yes, the device is TMS320C5472 with Telogy"s VoIP s/w. @[02-6-21 上午 10:31:57]
[问:isbel] 这一设计最大的优点在哪里?
[答:Duanlifeng] C54CST chip is different to modem chipset mainly in the fact that it"s a programmable chip. With a regular modem chipset, you usually cannot write, add your own software inside the chipset. You have to put an external controller and another CPU or a host processor which will control that modem chipset. Whereas with the CST chip, you can easily write your own control software and place it inside the CST chip, and thus you will have a system with only one chip. @[02-6-21 上午 10:34:19]
[问:yanggang770912] 请问54系列的DSP的中断是电平触发还是沿触发?
[答:Duanlifeng] 是类似沿触发 @[02-6-21 上午 10:34:45]
[问:wensai] 我想使用它,做专业的电视传播系统,想采用MPEG-2的标准进行压缩和解压,使用它,方便吗?
[答:Eric] 54CST does not offer the on chip MPEG2 s/w but you can implement your own MPEG2 s/w and use the Flex mode to run your program @[02-6-21 上午 10:38:08]
[问:isbel] 这一简化设计对成本的影响有多大?
[答:Mark] C54CST现在已经可以向TI公司订货,10K定量时,每片的价格为$9.75 @[02-6-21 上午 10:38:09]
[问:wangfei1156] DSP为什么要初始化?
[答:Rudy] Usually, there are quite a few of onchip peripherals which need to be initialized before you could send/receive data to/from.... @[02-6-21 上午 10:38:27]
[问:ecks] 设计的这客户端电话是否具有可视功能?
[答:Mark] 没有@[02-6-21 上午 10:38:45]
[问:dr.wu] What is the difference between regular modem chipset and C54CST chip?
[答:Eric1] C54CST chip is different to modem chipset mainly in the fact that it"s a programmable chip. With a regular modem chipset, you usually cannot write, add your own software inside the chipset. You have to put an external controller and another CPU or a host processor which will control that modem chipset. Whereas with the CST chip, you can easily write your own control software and place it inside the CST chip, and thus you will have a system with only one chip. @[02-6-21 上午 10:40:19]
[问:lululiang] What"s the greatest advantage of eXpressDSP compare to others?
[答:Rudy] eXpressDSP integrates DSP development tools along with our third party. It will cut your time to have your products on market... Also, with the algorithm standard in the eXpressDSP, you could build you project in more robust structure. @[02-6-21 上午 10:42:00]
[问:dr.wu] What additional features does C54CST chip have comparing to a regular “Modem with Voice Features”?
[答:Eric1] The basic difference is that it has duplex voice mode and you can simultaneously transmit and receive data from the phone line. And if you transmit something, like you play out a greeting message, you can record the incoming signal from the phone line with a canceled signal that you were playing out. In other words, you will listen only to the far-end talker and you will not hear yourself, because CST voice switch includes echo canceler. That"s the main difference, I think. @[02-6-21 上午 10:43:03]
[问:isdn方贵明] 想设计以太网络接口的IP电话机,希望专家推荐方案
[答:Eric] You can use TMS320C5472 @[02-6-21 上午 10:43:29]
[问:Gershwin] 请问C54CST的内部结构是怎么样的,怎么样采用C54X来实现电话功能?
[答:Rudy] 54CST includes all algorithms for client site telephony in the internal ROM. Therefore, you could spare your time to make your products been differnt than others. @[02-6-21 上午 10:45:01]
[问:zd4004] 请问贵公司的C54系列开发工具有那些?
[答:Eric] Basically, In H/W, You have DSP starter Kit and EVM. In S/W, we have Code Composer Studio @[02-6-21 上午 10:45:35]
[问:archer] TI的方案能处理图像吗?或者要TI有没有视频电话的解决方案?
[答:Eric] Yes, TI C6000 family can best fit the video phone and image applications. @[02-6-21 上午 10:48:00]
[问:dr.wu] Is it possible to replace some of these 14 algorithms with my own software?
[答:Eric1] Yes, that"s very possible. That was one of the motivations behind developing CST is to make it as flexible as possible. CST framework has several layers, and on most of these layers functions can be ratified and can be reloaded by the user. For example, if at the CST Service Layer a user can reload a voice controller, then he can include his own voice processing algorithms into the bundle. If the user wants to replace only one vocoder to add only a new vocoder, then voice controller has a feature to plug in external new vocoders into the voice controller. It has a standard interface that a vocoder has to be compliant for to. And once the user does it and has ex-dass compliant vocoder, he can easily plug it in. @[02-6-21 上午 10:48:21]
[问:zhjhnny] C54内部有协处理器,辅助主CPU工作而已。内部有少量的存储空间,主要是外接CPLD等存储芯片。这种说法正确吗?
[答:Duanlifeng] C54内部有16k SRam 外部主要接一些像FLASH、一些Codec之类的外设就可以了 @[02-6-21 上午 10:48:52]
[问:Gershwin] TI公司新的用户端电话DSP系统-TMS320C54CST DSP的特点有哪些?
[答:Rudy] Same as my previous answer. 54CST includes all the algorithms which you need for clint site telephony. You don"t need to spend your time on these algorithms development, thought you are adopting software solution. @[02-6-21 上午 10:50:07]
[问:ant_elep] 有没有dsp软件的建模(分析、设计等功能)软件?如果有,价格?
[答:Duanlifeng] 可以利用Matlab做这方面的工作 @[02-6-21 上午 10:50:43]
[问:lmallen_cn] 我用过Ti的定点处理器F206和LF2407,我想知道C54X比起这两种处理器有什么优势,尤其是我觉得LF2407是一款非常优秀和功能也不错的处理器
[答:Eric] The C240x and C54x are two different families with different target application. C240x focus on high integration and control application. C54x focus on low power and higher MIPS. @[02-6-21 上午 10:51:10]
[问:luveu] SPIRIT公司提供的14种业界最流行的算法具体是什么样的算法?
[答:Rudy] These 14 algorithms are listed on the following website, The details of them and programming guide for thest algorithms are available to be downloaded from SPIRIT website below, @[02-6-21 上午 10:53:24]
[问:sony] 调试c54dsp用什么软件?
[答:Rudy] "Code Composer Studio" is used for all the development phases from code building to debugging... @[02-6-21 上午 10:55:20]
[问:yuhw] 请问dspcst是否支持G.703.G.704,如何同E1接口。
[答:Eric] No, but you can develop the s/w and run it in flex mode @[02-6-21 上午 10:55:57]
[问:Texas] 请问你们的客户端Modem能提供的最高速率是多少,能否提供高速率的需求.
[答:Eric] V.32, that is 14.4Kbps. If you need V90 (54Kbps), you can choose TMS320C54V90 device @[02-6-21 上午 10:57:26]
[问:dr.wu] Is it possible to use CST chip just as a modem chip without loading own code/application into it?
[答:Eric1] Yes.  This chip has a chipset mode, and in this model, C54CST chip becomes a completely stand-alone chip and does not need external memory and it can be controlled only via serial port. So you don"t need to write your own software inside of it. @[02-6-21 上午 10:58:08]
[问:燃烧or腐烂] 还有如果我选择了这款芯片是否我就不再需要开发自己的语音压缩解压算法了,应该已经有了吧??如果我将他集成在一个已经有处理芯片的环境中需要做哪些具体的工作呢?
[答:Mark] 有G.726语音压缩,处理器通过UART给C54CST发命令,调用各种算法  @[02-6-21 上午 11:00:54]
[问:cg1] C54CST的价格如何?用在数字答录机或录音机上有销路吗?
[答:Eric] Pricing is competitive. Pls contact TI-China or TI"s distributors.Pricing is also conpetitive in digital answering/recoding machine application. @[02-6-21 上午 11:01:36]
[问:燃烧or腐烂] 在flex模式下所谓的用户自己编写的软件是不是已经指带一些基本的界面等程序了??已经不需要任何的关于语音处理的程序了?这部分工作该芯片已经做好了??
[答:Mark] 除了14中常用算法外,你可以增加自己需要的功能 @[02-6-21 上午 11:02:49]
[问:燃烧or腐烂] 问一个具体一点的:如果我想在已经开发完成能够实现网络浏览的cable modem上集成语音传输功能,用该款芯片是否能够实现呢?开发起来的复杂度如何?大概需要有哪些具体的工作呢?
[答:Eric] Suggest you to consider C5472 @[02-6-21 上午 11:04:19]
[问:eye] C54CST的应用领域似乎局限在电话线上的数据语音应用上?
[答:Eric] I"d say 54CST is best fit to these applications but you can use it in othe applications also. @[02-6-21 上午 11:06:27]
[问:Oswald1] C54CST有没有USB接口?
[答:Eric] No @[02-6-21 上午 11:07:03]
[问:tanker1] 如何用我自己开发的软件代替14种中的一种?如何实现?
[答:Eric] Pls refer to the previous question and answer @[02-6-21 上午 11:10:22]
[问:jackfjg] 请问能否支持H。323算法呢
[答:Mark] 不支持@[02-6-21 上午 11:12:24]
[问:耿洪波_H34P7] 每种算法如何收费
[答:Eric] You only need to pay for the device. You don"t need to care about the s/w charge. @[02-6-21 上午 11:13:17]
[问:耿洪波_H34P7] 是否可将所有算法加入rom
[答:Eric] In chipset mode, all the algorithms are in the ROM @[02-6-21 上午 11:14:05]
[问:wangfei1156] DSP同嵌入CPU相比的特点?
[答:Rudy] A good description is on our web. It shows you the advantage of DSP over microcontroller or General Purpose Processor.... Please go to the our DSP Village page, and click a link to "What is DSP?" on the left side of the page,  @[02-6-21 上午 11:14:08]
[问:tanker1] 用C54实现的Modem功能和通常的芯片组实现的有何不同?能进行双工工作吗?
[答:Eric] Pls refer to the previous question and answer @[02-6-21 上午 11:15:33]
[问:fft] 我想了解C54X的价位在什么附近,因为消费类电子对成本控制比较严格
[答:Rudy] The most un-expensive one is below US$5. The richest DSP is price at around US$25. Please see our DSP selection guide for all the reference price... @[02-6-21 上午 11:16:56]
[问:sony] 如果我用这款dsp传送数字信息与电脑通讯是否还需要另外加调制解调
[答:Mark] 可以当Modem用 @[02-6-21 上午 11:17:55]
[问:lingensheng2003_AREU6] 你好!请问能否提供最新的无绳电话设计方案.谢谢!
[答:Rudy] If you are talking about DECT, please see the webpage below, DECT Handset Architecture @[02-6-21 上午 11:18:55]
[问:dr.wu] Is it possible and how to adjust the products based on CST chip to the PSTN networks of particular countries?
[答:Eric1] That"s doable. The CST chip has integrated DAA on chip, and the analog part of this DAA has lots of parameters tunable for different PSTNs. And all of these parameters are tunable also through AT commands. And for the FLEX application inside the chip, it can be tuned through accessing the DAA driver. Basically, when controlling then through AT commands, DAA driver has around 20 registers which determine its status, and all of these registers are mapped as S registers. And you can simple set or read this S register through AT commands. So it"s basically very easy. You can write a script to send to the chip which will configure the chip virtually to any country. @[02-6-21 上午 11:19:56]
[问:Gershwin] 对C54x上实作eXpressDSP兼容算法的了解和掌握是否可以在IP和网络,普通的电话中应用呢?如何应用处理?
[答:Rudy] Sure. eXpress Algorithm Standard can be adopted for all design. @[02-6-21 上午 11:20:56]
[问:dr.wu] How much memory on CST chip is available for our own applications?
[答:Eric1] At minimum isn"t 3 kilwords. It"s worst case. And these 3 kilwords are devoted to the user and CST does not use them. However, CST has many parameters which are configurable like V.42 window size or V.42bis dictionary size, or V.32bis maximum round-trip delay which is used for canceling for echo. So, if you can play with these parameters or if you don"t want to use V.42, for example, or V.42bis, the amount of dynamic memory that CST needs becomes less than normal. And the design is such that the user can easily take this memory out of CST, grab some memory from CST, and thus he can expend his memory up to 10 kilowords. So out of 16 kilowords of internal SA RAM, the user can use up to 10. @[02-6-21 上午 11:22:38]
[问:pic2001] TI的编程器和相关软件可以在网上免费下载吗?
[答:Rudy] Yes. You could download a 90-days free tools from the following link, If you have difficulty to download it, we could also send you a CD-ROM. Please send your request email to @[02-6-21 上午 11:23:42]
[问:Oswald1] CHIP模式和FLEX模式有何区别?各有什么优点?
[答:Duanlifeng] chip模式是独立工作方式,无需编程,使用相对简单 Flex模式是可编程工作方式,需要编程,应用灵活 @[02-6-21 上午 11:25:17]
[问:dr.wu] How much memory do those 14 algorithms occupy? (in kwords and as a percent of total memory)
[答:Eric1] All the algorithms take 64 kilowords of ROM. As I said, RAM is distributed in such a way that the user can take some of it for his own purposes, decreasing the CST consumption of the memory. And we do not -- there are parts of the memory which are reserved for CST which the user absolutely cannot use if he is using CST, but some parts of the memory are redefinable. The user can say, for example, "CST, don"t use this memory as a HIP as you normally use it. Use this part of memory." And like external, user can attach external memory and then redirect CST"s HIP to external memory. @[02-6-21 上午 11:26:23]
[问:arkang] 建立一个基本的开发环境,需要多少投资? 我想个人建立一个开发环境,最少需要投入多少?
[答:Duanlifeng] 需要一套xds510的DSP仿真器,与一套CCS for 54x,大概要几千元吧 @[02-6-21 上午 11:27:43]
[问:chendezhan] Can I use C54CST in my public ic card telephone system?
[答:Eric] Yes, it"s one of the target applications. @[02-6-21 上午 11:28:09]
[问:chendezhan] 请问客户端modem是否支持v.23,v.22?
[答:Mark] 支持v.22和v.32 @[02-6-21 上午 11:28:56]
[问:DJBean] C54系列开发工具的价格是多少?其它系列能否用同样的开发工具?
[答:Rudy] S/W tools (Assembler/Compiler/Debugger/BIOS) are integrated to a package called "Code Composer Studio". It is priced below US$3,000. (now, you could get a promoted price around US$2,500 with one year subsription service, please contact for details.) H/W tools (emulator or EVM/DSK) can be cost you from $295 to $5000, depending on your requirement. Please see our DSP selection guide for details, @[02-6-21 上午 11:30:24]
[问:jackton] C54CST的两种模式是否可以相互转换?如何转换?
[答:Duanlifeng] 不可以 @[02-6-21 上午 11:32:06]
[问:fangdk] 1.该电话总成本是多少?2.具体功能有那些?
[答:Duanlifeng] 单片有9.75$ @[02-6-21 上午 11:33:20]
[问:dr.wu] How to integrate CST with my own software?
[答:Eric1] That"s similar to plugging in your own algorithms to CST. CST has an open source code. On the specific algorithms are supplied inside the ROM as something that you do not have a source code for. But all the framework is in open source code. And in case you need to write your own application, whether with BIOS or without BIOS, you have examples to do that. And based on those examples, you can build your own application, you can add your own threads in the BIOS. You can add your own pipes and you can add your own algorithms. You can reload some of CST methods if you don"t like the way they implemented. Or if you like them but you want to change a small pin in them, you can take the open source code, modify it and reload that function. So, in general, it"s quite easy for any data transfer or voice procession applications to use that chip as a library or as a start-up for building your own application. @[02-6-21 上午 11:33:23]
[问:eye] CST是什么意思?目前TI的CST只有一款吗?性能指标如何?
[答:Duanlifeng] 基于客户端电话,目前是只有一种 @[02-6-21 上午 11:35:10]
[问:karl] 此项技术的主要用途及前景?
[答:Rudy] It allows you establish digital voice communication via current plain telephone line. @[02-6-21 上午 11:36:49]
[问:dr.wu] Could I get a custom CST chip that will contain only those algorithms that are necessary for my project?
[答:Eric1] At the moment, the way that we have set up this particular program is that we wanted to pull together a collection of the most widely used telephony software. So some of the voice-based-line telephony and data algorithms that are available in the market. And really, the goal of this particular program was to put that together and bundle that into the price of the DSP to alleviate the start-up cost that someone would have in terms of the initial NREs or license fees that would happen at the beginning or the outset of the program. So we"ve tried to really minimize the start-up cost for someone, but we have not at this point decided to do anything in terms of a reduced function version of that or take only custom implementations, custom versions of CST which incorporates only a few of the algorithms. We wanted to kind of put a baseline set together. @[02-6-21 上午 11:37:19]
[问:jackton] 在设备中增加的功能,能否实现无绳或要增加什么组件就能实现无线电话?
[答:Duanlifeng] 加一些RF模块就可以了 @[02-6-21 上午 11:39:02]
[问:lmallen_cn] 我用过ti2xx系列的一些dsp,对expressDsp还不是很了解,能不能先简单介绍一下
[答:Rudy] We have a multimedia demonstration on the following website, @[02-6-21 上午 11:39:22]
[问:dr.wu] We would like to implement error correction and data compression algorithms as described in V.44 specification instead of ones described in V.42/V.42bis and implemented in CST. How can we do that in the most simple way?
[答:Eric1] Well, modem inside CST consists not only of data pump but it also has V.42 and V.42bis algorithms. And to unite them all, we have a special object called Modem Integrator. Modem Integrator, you can replace this object with another object and you can write data pump with 32 data pump with V.44 error correction code. And the source code for the modem integrator supplies an open source code, so it can modify if you have V.44 object has a different interface than the V.42. But if V.44 that you implement will have the same interface that V.42 has right now, then you even don"t need to modify Modem Integrator. You can just reload V.42 with V.44 object and use it. @[02-6-21 上午 11:41:12]
[问:sony] 有没有bootloader的详细资料
[答:Rudy] Yes. Please contact We could send you the related document. Please let us know which DSP you are interested on your email. @[02-6-21 上午 11:41:16]
[问:dr.wu] Is it possible to configure CST for pulse dialing instead of tone dialing?
[答:Eric1] Yes, it"s possible. DAA which is integrated inside CST supports pulse dialing, and CST in software also supports it. But you cannot tune the make and break ratio. It"s set to something more or less standard. @[02-6-21 上午 11:42:14]
[问:snowchang1] 14种算法,包括有那些?
[答:Mark] 这些算法下列3个部分: - Modem算法(用于数据传输的算法) - 电话信令算法 - 声音处理算法 Modem算法: V.32bis/V.22bis是数据调制解调器标准,其最高数据传输率为14.4 kbps V.42bis是数据压缩算法 V.42是数据纠错协议 电话信令处理算法: 双音多频(DTMF)信令记发,符合ITU-T Q.23和Q.24建议。CST的DTMF算法有优秀的通话中的性能,即使在噪音信号中也能检测音调信号,优良的通话后的性能,避免在话音和音乐环境下的误检。 呼叫进行中的音调检测和产生(或CPTD),符合ITU-T Q.35建议。CPTD检测和产生下列信号: ■ 拨号音 ■ 忙音 ■ 振铃回馈音 ■ 以及长音的开始与结束 在声音模式下,CPTD事件通过特殊的屏蔽码被送到主机 3. 来电显示(Caller ID)包括I型和II型来电显示的信号检测,符合多个组织和国家的标准,这些组织和国家有Bellcore、英国电信、ETSI(欧洲)、澳大利亚、中国等 ◆ 声音处理算法     ● G.168:线路回音抵消(抵消尾部长度等于64ms的回音)     ● G.726:声音压缩:16、24、32或40kbps     ● G.711:将μ-律/A-律PCM信号转换为线性PCM信号(或者反之)     ● VAD(声音有效性检测):检测是否有语音存在,即使在噪声环境中     ● AGC(自动增益控制):调节声音信号电平(采用VAD输出)     ● CNG(辅助噪音发生器):产生少量的噪音指示在线状态  @[02-6-21 上午 11:43:16]
[问:jackton] C54CST的开发板价格如何?能否对14种算法都能进行开发?能用开发板进行烧录吗?
[答:Duanlifeng] 495¥,可以对14种算法都能进行开发;能用开发板进行烧录 @[02-6-21 上午 11:44:37]
[问:耿洪波_H34P7] cst已集成了14种算法的价格约10$?还是按算法的多少价格不一样?
[答:Mark] 14种算法已在C54CST的ROM中都包含了 @[02-6-21 上午 11:44:51]
[问:Gershwin] "简化客户端电话设计 - C54x上实作eXpressDSP兼容算法"在世界各地成功的示例和具有的突出优点是什么?
[答:Rudy] Our C54CST developper kit is a reality. You could get more information from SPIRIT website, @[02-6-21 上午 11:45:37]
[问:shyandy] 如何获取TI的DSP的相关技术资料,如TMS320C54等。
[答:Rudy] Please contact for these literatures, or your could download them from the following link, @[02-6-21 上午 11:48:09]
[问:vivivi] 简化客户端电话设计最根本的问题是什么?
[答:Duanlifeng] Modem算法、电话信令算法、声音处理算法@[02-6-21 上午 11:51:32]
[问:michaelzhang] Can we put SIP into the C54x for an Internet Phone solution?
[答:Duanlifeng] 可以用FLEX @[02-6-21 上午 11:52:39]
[问:isdn方贵明] 我们已经设计了以太网接口的家庭网关,含Mpeg2播放功能(硬件解压)。下一步想开发同时具有Mpeg2播放和IP电话功能,DSP+Arm的方案合适吗,是否必须自己编Mpeg2播放的DSP软件,还是可能买到。
[答:Rudy] I am afraid that C5000 DSP is not able to implement a MPEG II compressing. You may think about to use C64x instead. Pleae see the following guide for more information, C64x Overview @[02-6-21 上午 11:54:08]
[问:musezhang] 请问,那一家公司提供全套的仿真环境?
[答:Duanlifeng] 北京合众达电子有限公司(SEED) @[02-6-21 上午 11:55:17]
[问:bobliao1] 用作语音录音时,压缩的速率有多大?录音时需要外接多大的外存?适合那种外存?
[答:Rudy] You don"t need much memory for voice compressing. Probably less than 16KB. The bit rate could be from serveral kilo bits per second to serveral tens kilo bits per second. @[02-6-21 上午 11:57:33]
[问:ming918] 请问C54DSP的价格会比C240X高很多吗?
[答:Rudy] No. it is about the same. Please see DSP selection guide for all the reference price. @[02-6-21 下午 12:00:27]
[问:] ‘简化客户端电话设计 - C54x上实作eXpressDSP兼容算法’的能耗是多少?是否具有明显的优势?
[答:] C54CST runs at 120MIPS and power consumption is around 25mW.
[问:] ‘简化客户端电话设计 - C54x上实作eXpressDSP兼容算法’可以是工程设计的成本有明显的降低吗?降低幅度大概在多少?
[答:] As it already include the required algorithms in the chip mask. You are no need to purchase individual algorithm one by one. It will help for time-to-market and total system cost.
[问:] "1:我们想用移动电话传送采集的数据,(采集的数据量小于1M),采用DOS或者LINUX操作系统。请问采用贵公司的何种器件最为合适。 2:如果采用数字电台或138MHz的通信电台来传输采集的数据,请提供贵公司有关调制、解调方面的器件型号和有关的应用电路。 谢谢!(通信地址:易碧金 中国河北省涿州市范阳东路141号,邮政编码072751)"
[答:] 1. WTBU question 2. DAB question
[问:] "14种电话功能实现的算法的性能比较如何?"
[答:] The algorithms are compliant to the industrial standard
[问:] c5472和c5471有那些不同? c547x内的arm内核和普通的arm核比较有何特点?
[答:] C5472的外部接口比较复杂;C547x的ARM比StrongARM要功能简单一些
[问:] C54CST能用于多通道吗?能实现G3类传真?能否在一个芯片上实现语音和FAX功能?
[答:] No, it doesn't support multi-channel. For the other functions such as fax, you can implement your own algorithm and use flex mode to run your own s/w
[问:] c54dsp的采购价(按1K)大概是多少?
[答:] 可以询问代理商SEED
[问:] C54x除了在价格上,还在哪些地方比C55x有优势?
[答:] 成熟
[问:] DAA是否对Modem的?对Voice有何作用?
[答:] Voice和Modem都需要通过DAA
[问:] DSP发展前景如何?
[答:] 非常好,每年的增长超过30%
[问:] how about the difference about the DSP and VHDL design?
[答:] DSP是用软件实现算法;VHDL是用硬件实现算法
[问:] how about the price of single chip and the total solution?
[答:] DSP具有较好的系统成本
[问:] TI网站上有几篇讲解DSP产生DTMF信号和铃流检测的样例,我想知道这样做有什么优势?现在MT、CMD的硬件DTMF和铃流检测都很成熟,我现在就是MCU+8870/5087等开发终端设备,廉价好用。DSP的推广和价格在内地不是很好。很多人都觉得高深,没去理会了。
[答:] DSP可以将如DTMF等功能集成在一片内,MCU作不到
[问:] Voice处理的噪声有没有专门处理,具体指标是什么?
[答:] Refer to the voice algorithm CST provides
[问:] 北京天津有没有代理,我想申请c54dsp样品,不知能否提供
[答:] 北京有,合众达
[问:] 除了这里以外还可以从哪里找到相关资料
[答:] TI的网页上
[问:] "单片,开发工具,bios的价格"
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] "对不起,我提问的问题不是C54X方面的。 我求助的是------TI有何种通讯器件,能使我用于一幢大楼内部消防电话通讯,而且能把信息转化为RS232标准。谢谢"
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 贵公司的开发工具从怎么得到?
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 可以提供一个支持普通电话、基于以太网接口的SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) 电话双模式方案的最小原型吗?
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 客户端电话是否指Enterprise IP phone?
[答:] It can be but it's just a general term
[问:] 客户端电话有可视功能吗?
[答:] No
[问:] "利用此解决方案,可否方便实现ISDN接入?谢谢!"
[答:] 不行
[问:] 目前中国的网上交换机制式繁多,设计一台多功能的电话终端要考虑到很多兼容性问题,在TI的方案中如何解决?
[答:] It depends on the function. The s/w TI recommends always compliant to the industrial standard
[问:] 能不能给我一份详细的产品说明
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 请介绍DAA的功能。它和PSTN公共电话网的接口如何?
[答:] 完成模拟和数字的转换
[问:] 请问,在深圳有那一家公司提供全套的仿真环境?
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 请问:最终产生的数据速率是多少?是不是可变速率的?能不能移植到C62x系统中?这些算法需占用多大资源?
[答:] It support the V.32bis/V.32(14.4/9.6) and V.22bis/V.22 (2.4/1.2kbps) and it cannot be migrated to C62x. But we also provide 3P MODEM solution in C62x.
[问:] 请问该解决方案是否包含模拟MODEM功能(V.32\V.34\V.92),以及用C54X实现的MODEM性能与专用MODEM芯片的比较?另外该方案是否支持H.324视频会议协议?
[答:] It support V.32 and V.22 Modem. It's function is same as modem chipset but with CST, you can add your own s/w. CST does not support H.324
[问:] 请问贵公司的MTS320C6000系列的DSP的用户手册在内地有没有卖?!谢谢!
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 如何获得DSP专用算法?
[答:] TI有许多第三方,你可以从TI的网页上得到相关信息
[问:] 如何获得你们的书面资料?谢谢!
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 如何简化算法,并且使运行速度加快
[答:] You can use the flex mode to select the algorithm you want to run
[问:] "设计IP电话机还需要MPC8XX与C54X接口,希望专家推荐方案。 算法软件是公开源代码(Free),还是要收版权费用?"
[答:] For C54CST algorithms, it's been include in the chip mask. For other algorithm it will depend
[问:] 什么是eXpressDSP兼容算法?请详细一点解释。
[答:] You can visit website at path=templatedata/cm/expressdsp/data/expressguidedtour&templateId=57
[问:] 我想问一下加入我购买了芯片进行开发,我是否能得到贵公司技术人员的大力支持?如果可以是通过什么形式呢?
[答:] 当然,TI在中国有办事处,可以提供支持
[问:] 我想问一下如果购买量较少的话,每片的价格大概多少?
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 我想应用在以太网上,传送部分数字信息,与服务器连接,不知道有没有低价位的dsp可选
[答:] 请咨询合众达
[问:] 用C54CST完成电话功能,还需要什么样的外围器件?如CODEC和用户接口电路(SLIC)?
[答:] Need to use Codec, we recommend Si3016
[问:] 有无编程指南等辅助设计说明文件?
[答:] Yes. You can have more detail information from website
[问:] 在其它设备中增加电话功能,开发时间有多长?开发成本和产品成本上升有多大?
[答:] It depends but CST for sure can reduce design cycle greatly
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